Scary Things You Probably Don't Know About Phones

Oct 09, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

This little gadget has come to revolutionize our world. It came in a grand style to change everything humanity have ever seen, felt, or touched. If anyone had told 'Alexander the Great' that one day someone in Egypt will communicate directly with someone in Macedonia, he may have ordered one of his guards to have the persons head on a Spike because he would have thought that was witch craft.

With the origin of the smart phone, all human beings now have information at their finger tips. Student no longer need to borrow books from the library to make research on assignments or projects, families and loved once no longer need to send and receive letters through post office, marketers no longer deem it necessary moving around town advertising products. From the comfort of our home we can do limitless things through our little gadget without having to sweat or burn calories unnecessarily. We can now comfortably travel to a strange destination without anyone leading the way for us -all thanks to google map. No invention at all have been able to defeat the invention of phones, not even that of the 'Wright brothers' or 'Thomas Edison' -because information is power!

Phone has been an important aspect that fosters an effective society. But it has also been a platform upon which our doom is built. Sometimes when you think of the negative effects of phones and how it is ruining our lives and the society in general, it may leave you quite ambivalent, not knowing weather to hate on it or keep celebrating it. You all will believe me when i say this things has done lots of good things and bad things. 

For the sake of this topic, we are going to be discussing mainly on health issues -how our phone can be a malignant to our health.

Your phone can expose you to bacteria and germs.

A 2017 study have shown that high levels of bacterial contamination can be found on the surface of cell phones. When you disinfect your hands, do you also disinfect your phone? or you think its not necessary? think about it.

Everything you have touched and the bacteria and germs you've picked from the things you've touched, all transfers to your phone. Even those with OCD who are so obsessed with cleanliness, don't even realize this facts. Time magazine, an American news website published in New York City, suggests that your phone could be 10 times dirtier than your toilet seat.

Although you may not literally wash them as you would do to your hands and body, but learn to clean them always with disinfectants and micro-fibril or cloths, perhaps.

Your Phone can disrupt your posture and spine.

You may not be able to doubt this one at least. Frequently looking down at your phone for extended periods of time puts a strain on your neck and can affect your spine. Several studies have shown this such as the research conducted by Dr Kenneth Hansraj, an orthopedics surgeon in poughkeepsie New York, a study titled: “Assessment of stresses in the cervical spine caused by posture and position of the head.”  A study among several other, to mention but a few.  

By raising your phone to eye-level and straightening your posture, you can avoid “text neck” and assure less muscle strain.

Light from your phone screen can disrupt your sleep patterns.

No wounder insomnia is in the increase. Don't you think our phones could be contributing to the rise? not only phone lights but also lights from your personal computer. All these can disrupt your sleep patterns and render your night miserable.

All devices emit short wavelength light, known as blue light. A Harvard study have shown that exposure to blue light before bed decreases melatonin production, a hormone that help regulate sleep. The brightness from your phone screen can interrupt your circadian rhythm ( Natural Body Clock), and cause for shorter REM cycles and overall restless sleep.

Always adjust your phone screen light were necessary or better still you can turn on Auto-brightness to automatically control the light.

Keeping up with constant notifications can spike anxiety.

You may have observed that sometimes when your phone ring or beep notifications, it scares the shit out of you. We all experience it at some point.

Also there are several other applications in your phones that brings notifications always including texts, tweets, emails etc. With a constant influx of information grabbing your attention, this may put some unnecessary pressure on you to have your phone by your side at all times keeping you committed unnecessarily. In order to break free from such commitment, try putting your phone away for some hours if you can, and give yourself some space. I know it seem like a lot being without your phones for a minutes, but sometimes you just have to give yourself a break. 

Staring at your screen for long periods of time can damage your eyes.

It goes without saying that there are negative effects attached to staring at any screen for a prolonged period. We all know this unless we want to bend the truth. We all know that we shouldn't get too close to the television or the screen of our PC, but do you think your phone is exempted from this? hell no. Remember we mentioned something earlier about blue lights, right? The cornea and lens can’t filter it. And when this happens, the light goes to the back of the eye, which can weaken vision over time.

Starring For too long on your phone gives you headache

When your eyes are strained, headache sets in. Phone lights can strain your vision leading to headache or worse, migraine -photo-phobic people will understand this message. Even someone without photo-phobia can as well experience migraine due to this effect. You may not want such to happen, would you? 

Social media makes you depressed

Majority of us were damn happy with our lives and our achievements until social media come from now where. As soon as we knew what the internet and social media was, depression and suicidal rates skyrocketed. This is actually a big issue facing our society today and we need to be very careful. Social media is crippling many people's happiness because it has become a platform where everyone showcase their life style even when they are not real, I guess 'Slay queens' will understand?

People tend to compare their lives with others and when they feel they are not meeting up, depression sets in and suicidal thought becomes imminent. What a 'bullshit'.

We need to beware of the harm this things are causing to our society. Don't get depressed over nothing, it's a murrain!  

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