Things in Your Kitchen that Get Rid Of Bad Smells

Oct 08, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

You must have come across several articles that talked about how important your kitchen is in your home. Without exaggerating, this part of our home is always our saving grace in virtually everything domestic. From all beauty facilities to all things medicine, the kitchen is just a paradise! 

There are quite a number of things in our kitchen we can introduce in our cleaning chores, they are good deodorizers. They come in handy when removing nasty smells from the environment even our smelly attires. Always reach out for them when you need to eradicate musky smells from virtually anything you can think of.  

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a very ideal solution to all things smell. Their effectiveness as a home remedy have been known for quite a long time. It can help neutralize pH and can effectively cut through nasty odors. You can apply them to the water you use in your washing or cleaning routines. You can also sprinkle them on any thing that can generate odor including trash cans, shoes, even toilets.


Vinegar is a good preservatives, maybe that's why is also great at removing smells. We all know how musky our fridge can be at times -an open cup or bowl of vinegar can mask this very nasty odors in our fridge. You can also leave a bowl of vinegar open in your room to eliminate smells. Introduce vinegar (white vinegar) into your cleaning chores, they are good options too.  


Oats has tons of benefits including our health. It can be used to treat several skin diseases and rashes -this is to mention but a few, the health benefits of oats are infinite. As a deodorizer, oat is trustworthy.  Leave a bowl of oats out anywhere you want to suck in smells.

Lemon Juice

The vitamins this fruit contain doesn't just nourish our health internally but also on the outside -Lemon has been a beauty regimen for a long time. It has a nice effects in beautifying our skin and  complexion. Not limited to that, Lemon are good deodorizers. No wounder there are lemon fresh air freshener everywhere you go.

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