Scary Things That Happens When Hungry

Oct 31, 2017 By World Greatest
If you are someone who is constantly hungry you know how much of a pain in the ass this feeling is. Honestly, why do we always have to be hungry? Why can't we feel as motivated as we are hungry? You don't think you're hungry until someone orders food at a bar and you want to eat their entire plate. Obiaks Blog shares with you scary things that happens when hungry.

1. You ponder about boredom
You will have to think about when the last time you ate was and if you actually had enough to feed that stomach of yours. In all honesty, if you ate an hour ago, you're most likely bored. Hey – it happens.

2. Pain becomes a big part of your life
When you're always hungry, you're usually always in pain. Headaches come along and sweep you off of your feet and at this point, you don't know what do you. Have you ever noticed a headache after being busy all day? You might come to the conclusion that you haven't put a thing in your mouth. Your body needs pizza!

3. Confusion
What is going on and why am I hungry? This is where I need answers. You just ate lunch but it didn't fill you up. Any normal human would get full off of half a burrito bowl from Chipolata…except you. I have Googled this before because I was concerned and I got all sorts of messed up answers as to why I am always hungry. No, I do not have a tapeworm in my stomach so that's that.

4. Hangry (Hungry + Angry)
You might think this is a joke, but it's not. I have actually gotten angry at myself for being hungry. I have actually gotten angry at other people because I was hungry. My stomach is always growling and chugging water only makes it worse. This is at its highest peak when females are PMSing. There needs to be a cure for hanger, but there isn't so we just have to continue our days.

5. Sadness
OK but what about my beach body? That's never going to happen if I keep my eating habits up. I love looking at bathing suits on Instagram and I know I won't ever have abs but that's fine with me especially during the weekend when I could eat everything in sight. Does beer count as food? Because after a long day of work a beer always sounds awesome.

6. You say things you don't mean
If you spend enough time with someone special, you know what I mean. It could be your roommate or significant other. Whenever i'm hungry, I do get cranky and say things I don't mean. When my life hits this point, my boyfriend knows it's time to eat. I realize all of this and it's something I try to work on but I can't help being mean when I'm hungry. Sorry world!

7. You cry
This is the best when you're drunk. There are two types of girls in this world. The type that cries over a guy when they are drunk and the type that cries because they are hungry. I am the type that cries when I am hungry. It's 3am and there's no way of me getting a taco at during that hour so what do I do? I cry. I am not an emotional person unless it's about food. The fact that this has happened to me is so messed up and makes me laugh. That's what you do when you want to make fun of yourself – you laugh.

8. You forget to smile
It's safe to say that our generation is never satisfied. You could be craving something the entire day and what happens when you try to fulfil that craving? You realise that what you really wanted to eat wasn't what you just put in your mouth. Who knows why we're always hungry but either way, eating is always the best part of our day.

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