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Things To Do When You Feel Extremely Angry Or Depressed

We humans all get angry at times and when we do we react in various ways, some of which leads to violence, or hurt other people especially if you are the kind that is hot tempered and can't control your anger. And as a result we tend to drive away the people that is close to us, and this can make you to be more angry. However, Obiaks Blog thought it wise to highlight the best things to do when you are angry, this points have helped a lot of our readers. We hope it helps you too;

1. Separate Emotion from Action
It happens when we are extremely angry for something; we feel to destroy along with the things which come in between of your path. 

2. Cool Off with Exercise
To make your mind free and to reduce tension you should try healthy exercise which is good for reducing your anger. For example, some aggressive people do such exercises like running or kickboxing, while some people take to walking, cleaning or gardening.

3. Delay Your Reaction
Some people try an exercise like to inhale deeply and then exhale, this is the best exercise to calm yourself at that movement. And the another one, you can overcome anger is to start counting 1 to 10 in any order or start a phrase which you like and help you keep calm.

4. Distract Yourself
If you want to calm your anger, then it is one of the best exercises to calm immediately on that movement. You should try to distract yourself and busy yourself, in that way to distract yourself from the anger. To distract your mind you should try reading books, think of an enjoyable memory or find a happy place for yourself.

5. Do Your Homework
Best way to keep calm your anger is to do your work. If you are feeling extremely angry than start doing your homework or work that you like to do. Because of doing this, it will help you to move your mind from that thing and help you keep calm your anger.

6. Find a Safe Haven
All people have their personal spot where they can think or stay calm from rest of the world. This safe heaven place will make you distract from your anger. If you are feeling extremely angry on anything don't pull it out. You should move from that and go to the safe haven place wherever you like to stay. This place will help you to calm and forgot that movement.

7. Listen to Music
The best way to reduce your anger is music. It can help you to keep calm as a normal man you are. Music is such a good things which have many benefits in different ways. Listen to that music which makes your mood good from aggressive. Music like acoustic version helps you to slow down from aggression. And listening to the music with lyrics will help you to distract your attention from those things.

8. Write an E-mail
Writing E-mail is always one best way to cool down your anger. Whenever you're extremely angry you start writing fury in a stream of consciousness format. You should think good ideas and should continue in that, by doing this your mind will be totally entertaining from those things which bring your anger again.

9. Make a List
Best ideas ever worked when you feeling tremendously angry. You have to make a list which consists, people, things and things which make you angry. After making the lists of such things you have to rate the particular things. Keep rating the things of lists from 1 to 5, 5 means furious and 1 means alike. While doing this will help you to cool your anger down and you'll feel very comfortable with these ideas.

10. Watch a Funny Show/Movie
Watching movies or your favorite shows feel us good and happy. This trick is also useful when you are extremely feeling angry. You should control your anger and start watching any shows or movies, you can also watch favorite of yours. These tricks will keep your mind calm and help you to slow down your anger.

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