Reason Why Women Feel Cold Than Men

Jul 02, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

According to studies, women feel cold more than men. But why does this happen frequently in women than men? Lets read further to find out why you feel cold more than your husband.  

Cold extremities

Extremities such as your fingers and toes are the channels through which cold easily gain access to your entire body. Women tends to catch cold fast because the blood vessels in their hands and feet constricts and this can redirect blood back into other internal organs. And since there is no much blood flowing to these extremities, Cold tend to come in through them.

Hormonal Differences

Hormone levels have great influence on a Women’s body temperatures. Women have a high estrogen level a hormone that regulates menstrual cycle. The sudden increase of this hormone during a woman's period, can lead to a drastic decline in temperature. Depending on where they are in their cycle, women could be more sensitive to cold temperatures than normal.

Muscular difference

Men in general can burn calories much more than women due to their high metabolic rate. Also men have more developed muscles than women- however, women have more stored fat than men which can bring about warmth in the body but biologically muscles are more heavier than fat and can generate more.

Women and menopause

Middle-age women might feel warmer while going through menopause due to decline in estrogen level.

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