Things in Japan That will Make you Feel Loved and Cared For

Jan 08, 2021 By Kayode Oseh

Japan is known worldwide for its traditional art, amazing inventions and as a hub of technology. A country with over 120 million population yet, everyone feel cared for and loved. Talking about the little everyday things, this country has been shown to have everyone’s interest at heart.

Let’s take a close look at some simple things in Japan, where a lot of heart and thought went into creating.

Car stickers for the disabled

Japan has a unique way of making people identify others with disabilities. The country uses a 4-leaf clover as a marker for identifying a handicapped driver. The symbol shows that they are unique instead of showing they lack abilities.

Car stickers for elderly drivers

The elderlies are usually seen as a very important citizens who need lots of care and attention. If there is any country that does this well, then Japan requires a lot of thumbs up. Special car stickers are designed for the elderly drivers who are 70 years or older. Since age comes in between almost everything, citizen of this age are advised to display this mark on their vehicles. This ensures that other drivers can be aware and be more considerate of the elderly.    

Pregnancy tags for pregnant women

Pregnancy badges are specially made for pregnant women with the inscription “There is baby in my stomach”. The idea of it is to make pregnancy less stressful for them. With this tag, other train takers can give up their seats for the pregnant ladies when the train is crowded.    

Yellow lines to guide the blind

Since yellow colors are easily spotted, tactile lines made of yellow are created on sidewalks to ease the movement of people with bad visions. The dots are to warn of danger ahead while the long bars are to give direction to the blind.

Umbrella holders with locks

Umbrella theft are a very common experience during rainy seasons as well as umbrella accidents. Has your umbrella been stolen outside a mall? Have you ever been poked from behind by someone else’s umbrella or have you injured anyone with yours? These are some of the problems that Japan thinks should be resolved.

Some places in Japan offer umbrella lockers to keep your umbrella safe. Plus you can move around in the building easily without having to poke anyone with it.

Using small trays to pay cash