Dazzling Abilities that only Animals can Possess

Feb 10, 2021 By Kayode Oseh
Although we are much higher than these creatures but these guys possesses pretty amazing abilities that we humans can only think of. Sometimes it baffles us to realize what animals can do and the kind of characteristics they posses. If you think you have a good sense of smell, then you really have not seen a dog, or if you think your eyes are pretty good that you can spot almost anything no matter how minute, you would probably realize how blind you are when you understand the eyes of the eagle. 
If we are to compare how closely related we are to animals, we would see that we are not as better as we’ve claimed to be. These creatures are filled with lots of awe that could make us question if we were even much better than them at all. When we set aside self awareness, ability to understand complex emotions and empathy, we would realize that humans and animals actually function on the same page. 
Here some animals that possess dazzling abilities that human can never have. 

The Eagle’s vision is 8 times powerful than human’s 

The eagle eye is among the strongest in the animal kingdom, with eyesight estimated at 4 to 8 times stronger than that of the average human being. Their eyes only weigh 4.5 kg, but they are roughly the same size as those of a human. The color vision of the eagle is supreme. High resolution, clarity and the ability to distinguish colors are the most prominent features of eagles' eyes. This means Eagles can see things from 20-40 feet away that we can only see from 5 feet.

Sea turtle can sense earth magnetic field, helping them to navigate

Scientists believe a light-detecting protein in the eye called cryptochrome functions as a magnetic field sensor that helps sea turtles to navigate between locations. However, the same protein can be found in humans too, where it is involved in the circadian rhythms system (body clock). But the ability of humans to detect magnetic field is still far from rich. However, scientists are still trying to understand if human beings can sense magnetic field too.  

Sharks can detect electric field generated in prey

Sharks, as well as skates and ray fishes, can detect electric fields generated by muscle contraction in prey, using a network of organs called “ampullae of Lorenzini”. This organ is embedded in the skin around their head; each of these structures is said to be made up of a jelly-filled pore which could serve as electrical sensors. 

Some snake species can see heat, forming a thermal image of prey

In some snake species, large pores located between the eyes and nostrils contain sensory nerve fibers that pass information to the brain’s visual processing center. Heat activates the sensory cells by opening a specific type of ion gated channel which are small proteins in the cell membrane that permit charged particles to flow into or out of the cell. Snakes species with this characteristic can form a thermal image of their prey.  

Arctic reindeer can use ultraviolet light to avoid their predator 

The snowy Arctic reflects a lot of UV light. Reindeer can easily spot their preferred meal using their special UV abilities. Since wolves’ fur absorbs a lot of UV light and they are reindeer’s natural predator, the arctic reindeer use this UV signal to steer clear of wolves while locating their prey accordingly.

Many birds like zebra finches can see extra colors