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Dating Blindly

Knowing the person you are going on a date with, at least on a friendship basis, is one key to being successful in the whole dating game. As we have all learned (the hard way), blind dates are not typically successful. Dating people you meet online is also tricky and in most cases as “blind” as any date can get.
As more and more online dating services pop into existence it seems to be considered normal to meet and date people from the Internet. Without the aid and guidelines of a bona fide dating service, and even sometimes with the support of a reputable online dating service things can get out of hand quickly because unfortunately it is simple to be untruthful online.
When you have only had a few typed conversations with someone it is easy to predict they are interesting and charming. Instant Message conversations and Electronic Mail correspondence is a great way to get to know someone slowly. However, scheduling a dinner date with “Oscar or Olivia Charming” after only seeing their face in a grainy picture once or twice and before meeting them for a non-committal cup of coffee you might be reserving a ticket for disaster.
You don’t always know if the picture you are receiving is your online friend now or years passed. You can’t even be certain it is your online friend at all. There is an amazing trust factor that comes into play with meeting people online with which you might potentially date. Rules of caution begin with the basics.
Do not share your last name, your physical address, or your landline telephone number with anyone you meet online. There are safe effective ways to begin a relationship with an online acquaintance. The most recommended is to find a well-established, reputable online dating service. Word of mouth is a good bet when searching for the perfect online dating solution for your particular needs.
That’s not to say people have not successfully met, life-long friends or clear-cut soul mates in blind date situations or on the Internet. However the lesson learned from friends and family members who have experienced online and blind dating is to follow your heart but truly listen to that little voice that is your gut instinct.
Blind dates can be fun for the most adventurous of the dating clientele, but if you are more traditionally a reserved participant in the dating game you might want to consider some less exciting means by which a date might occur.

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