Top Property Listing Websites in Nigeria

Dec 09, 2019 Kayode Oseh

Real estate is a tangible asset and a type of real property that is made up of lands and the buildings on it as well as other natural resources contained in that land. Finding the best real estate firm that can satisfy your needs can be very overwhelming and daunting. But with the development of modern technology and with the advent of the internet, several real estate companies have actually developed ways in which acquiring a property can be done with utmost convenience. Whether you are looking for your next home or any other property to buy, sell, lease or rent, there are tons of Nigerian real estate websites that are quite available to fulfill your every need.

Property Pro

Property Pro formally known as ToLet is a Nigeria web-based platform for property rentals and sales. The company was founded in 2013 in an attempt to refurbish and reorganize the rental market in Nigeria that was soiled as a result of trust issues and fraud. It is one other Nigeria’s leading online real estate platform which eases the stress of finding properties online. In order to provide the best service and to tackle trust and fraud issues, the company have sophisticated system, a code of business conduct in which customers can relate with real estate agents without a breach of trust.

Nigeria Property center

Nigeria property center is an organization that actually don't act as real estate agents but provides a system where advertisers and agents can bring their properties up for sale or for rent. However, they are strict with their policies; in order to make their listing effective, Properties up for rent are unpublished after a period of 30 days while those up for sale are allowed to last for a period of 90 day before they are officially taken out of the site. This is actually a way of making their site effective and to create more room for new advertisers.

Vetra Property