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A Lost Nation Called Nigeria

Right now we all know that our country is in an impossible situation where things are literally falling apart. Situations are becoming unbearable for many and it looks as if there is nothing anyone can do about it, wow! that's so sad. But the big question is, for how long are we going to keep enduring and pretend everything is normal when we know that situations don't seem to be taking the next step towards positivities.

This is a Nation where people are suffering and smiling at the same time, a nation where abnormal things have become normal without anyone raising eyebrows, a nation where the rich are extremely rich and the poor are extremely poor, a nation where public funds are constantly being diverted into private pockets and its looks normal, a nation where law makers are making laws that will benefit them alone, a nation where protest is assumed as treason, a nation where fundamental human rights are constantly being abused, a nation where graduates looks useless to the society due to idleness and lack of employments, a nation where employees cannot even do anything reasonable with their monthly wages, a nation where even the citizens are not helping matters. Oh! Who will save us from this mess? what a lost nation.

But however, there is a good news, and the good news is, whatever that is lost can still be found. All you need to do is to realize that change starts from you, it starts from me, its starts from all of us. Let us play our part and do whatever we think we can that is necessary in reviving our fallen nation because this is our responsibility.    

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