Best Property Design Programs to use in 2021

Jan 16, 2021 By Kayode Oseh
Interior design programs have actually come to revolutionize our estate management system. These software are designed with topnotch and up-to-date technologies that makes interior designing and home staging visualization quite simple and affordable. With this software, one can easily see the virtual reality of his dream home as well as every accessories he or she would love his home to have. This is quite amazing! 

According to research, property agents says home staging and 3D presentations, helps in quick marketing of any property. The most interesting thing is that you do not need to be an architect or a technical drawing pro, to be able to wrap your head around things and design a property. The programs are built with user friendly interfaces and an easy-to-use, drag and drop features that take the pains from you when designing a property.

If you have any mental pictures of a dream home, you can start to bring them to reality with the following software programs we are about to introduce in a few. We have researched about them and we think they are good feats for any type of property. So feel free to use them when you have any kickass idea. 


This software program was developed to make 3D modeling easy and fun to use. It’s commonly used by architects, interior designers, landscape architects and property designers at large. It has an easy to use features and an intuitive interface with simple drag and drop characteristics. It offers a free web-based trial version to help users learn the basics of 3D modeling. Because the software is web-based, it can be used on both Windows and Mac computers from anywhere around the world and at any time you want. There are also paid versions of the software if you want to have access to unlimited features.  


This is a software that was originally created by Autodesk. It became a free online design program after it was acquired by “Easyhome” in 2017 with the aim of making designing more fun and less stressful. It offers a large library of amazing features and is completely free. It allow users to earn points in order to unlock other features like HD panoramas and aerial renderings.  


Floor plans are quite easy and fun to design when you use HomeByme. With HomeByMe pencil drawing tool, users can build 2D floor plan with ease and turn them into a virtual realistic 3D models using a browser. 


Planner 5D is another good design software any one can use to design a property. The program has a catalogue with tons of interior design features that users can use to bring a dream property alive. With an easy to use interface plus simple drag and drop method, Planner5D is a sure program for any property designer. You don’t need to be a pro to use it. 

The program allows users to draw a 2D floor plans and visualize them using a 3D model. One of the best things to enjoy with planner5D, is their customer services. They have a good customer support system that is always there to answer to any complaint from client, and their responses are really fast. 

Planner5D, offers a free plan along with different subscription plans that are quite affordable. Free plans give you a limited access to Planner5D catalogues while subscription plans give you the opportunity to explore all the features that comes with the program. You can either choose a monthly subscription method or a year plan, depending on the one that is convenient for you. This software has a web based version that is quite easy with any Mac or Window’s computers, as well as android phones. 

These software programs are our best pick for any interior design adventure. They are easy to use and you don’t need to be an architect or a pro, to design something really nice. With their easy to use features, anyone can design almost any type of properties. 

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