Ways To Make A Long-haul Flight More Comfortable

Making a long journey can sure be very demanding most especially the one made by air. While some flight may fairly span over the duration of just few hours, others may have you locked in your sit belt for a whole day journey. And its rather unfortunate that you wouldn't be opportune to take a few distance walk like you normally would if it were just a bus that pulled over for passengers lunch. It goes without saying that the amount of time spent in the air actually equates the amount of time you would have to endure several nuisance which can range from a mild inconveniences like (the close dude who don't just know how to pick up the small talk) to a downright most dangerous (deep-vein thrombosis).

Fortunately we got you all covered in this (ways to make you flight more comfortable). Because we are going to be sharing with you several ways in which you can make a long flight infinitely more bearable.

Book your tickets early

You already know before now that not been punctual in booking tickets can actually increase your chances of siting in the dungeon. Book your tickets early so you can secure the best seat for yourself.

Go for the back seat

This is actually a simple trick because most people will actually scramble for front seat. But while they were doing that they will actually be creating some empty spaces at the back. Just in case you don't have a favorite seat, go for the back seats although it might not be the best option but you might actually end up with an empty seat or two beside you that will bring you more comfort.

Prepare for jet lag

Jet lags also called "circadian dysrhythmia" is the alteration that occur in your internal body clock due to the change of environment. This alteration can disrupt your sleep pattern and render your sleep useless. Before you make a long-haul flight that will involve change in time zone try to adjust your sleep pattern first, at least 4am wake up 7pm bedtime. Also try to book your flight so that it arrives during the day and make sure you have adequate rest before you travel.

Check in early

Check in early because because the last thing you want to do is miss your flight.

Exercise real good

One of the best ways to enjoy a stress free flight is to sweat out some negative energies before you travel. It help prevent aches and pains and lowers the risk of blood cloth (deep-vein thrombosis) not to mention bloating.

Bring your pillow

Do you often carry pillows when making long-haul flights or you think its ain't necessary? Pillow come in handy real quick and has been a major staple carry-on item for long distant travelers. Bring one or buy one around the airport to support your head when traveling. 

Carry Noise-cancelling headphones

It seem like a plague by just imagining not traveling with headphone. This is the best companion every travelers need not to talk of a long-haul traveler. Not only do they make you have some lone time it can also shield ambient noises.

Pack an eye mask

An eye mask is necessary because it can induce sleep. Wearing an eye mask while enjoying some melodious deep blues from your headphone makes the whole journey more relaxing.

Dress right

Keep your dressing real simple and don't be responsible for your own discomfort. Just put on something loose and easy and remember to bring layers for when it gets cold.

Try to relax

There is none one who will bring you comfort you desire but yourself. Do whatever it takes to relax. You can meditate, listen to some really cool music, or do some breathing exercises. This whole process help calm your nerves and make you feel less stressed in the course of the journey. It also send you off easily to sleep.

Combat jet lag

Be conscious of jet lags. For the fact that you've arrived your destination doesn't mean all is over, in fact that is even when you experience more of the trip. Do all that you can to overcome jet lags. Take enough sunlight if you can, eat some really nice meal, and don't forget to take some melatonin to make you sleep real good. Melatonin is a hormone that regulates sleep, some food are very rich in it but it also exist as medications that comes in capsules.

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