How to Make the Best Out Of Social Medias

Nov 12, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Social medias are a very vital part of our modern society. However, these websites have their own dark sides and chaos they bring to the society but we cannot deny the fact that since the birth of these modern technology our world have experienced lots of positive changes. Several social media platforms have been developed overtime with each of them having their specific usage and functions, but the problem is that we often don't know how to make the best of out of them and what mistakes we need to avoid with them. The reason being that most of us don't know exactly why they were made and what purpose they need to satisfy. But for the sake of clarity, this article brings to you different social media platforms and several task they were meant to accomplish with the society.

Social networks

A social media network is a specific website or any other application which enables people and organizations to communicate with each other by posting information, comments, messages, images, and sharing ideas. Examples: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn

* Why people use these networks:- We mainly use this network to connect with people online.

* How they can benefit your business:- Social networks can benefit business in the following ways; Market research, brand awareness, lead generation, relationship building, customer service, business promotions etc.

Media sharing networks

Media sharing networks helps individuals to share and store multimedia information like photos, videos, and musics. Examples: Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube

Why people use these networks:- To find and share photos, video, live video, music and other media files online.

How they can benefit your business:- These platforms are extremely useful for brand awareness, lead generation, audience engagement, and many other social marketing goals. 

Discussion forums

Discussion forum is actually a site where users can hold conversations in form of posted messages. Examples: reddit, Quora, Digg

Why people use these networks: To find, discuss, share news, information, opinions between participants in the community.

How they can benefit your business: These networks can be an excellent resources for market research. You can as well advertise on them.

Bookmarking and content curation networks

Content curation networks are platforms set up in order to share or discuss trending topics or contents with your target audience. Examples: Pinterest, Flipboard

Why people use these networks:- To discover, save, share, and discuss new and trending content and media.

How they can benefit your business:- These networks can be highly effective for driving brand awareness, customer engagement, and website traffic.

Consumer review networks

This networks allows users to share reviews and satisfaction about a particular product. Examples: Yelp, Zomato, TripAdvisor

Why people use these networks:- To find, review, and share information about brands, products, and services, restaurants, travel destinations.

How they can benefit your business:- From there you can know how satisfied your customers are with your product. You can resolve issues with unhappy customers.

Blogging and publishing networks

This networks provides individuals with tools they can use to share knowledge. With this network, and individual also called a blogger can share knowledge with his readers. The knowledge can be news articles or any other article that promotes awareness and growth of knowledge in the society. Examples: WordPress, Tumblr, Medium

Why people use these networks:- To publish, discover, and comment on content online.

How they can benefit your business:-  You can use it to advertise your product and other people's products and get paid for it. You can use it to drive audience to other websites in order to generate leads and sales.

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