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Bad Or Good College Relationships: Control And Define Your Social Behavior Around The Campus

College life could be one of the most challenging parts of everyone’s life where brand new interaction with totally different individuals may seem intimidating at first but will prove a significant step towards making your social and whole outlook in life as flexible and as exciting as possible. This is also the stage of our lives where the start of taking special note of serious matters over gradual transition of our personality development is taking into account. College, in truth, is actually not a lot different from our lives in general but this could be the turning point of our assessment to our wants, goals, or desires in life. The excitement of dorm life, those new items you are going to bring to the college, new college life schedule, fraternity/sorority life, research papers, term papers, essays: these could all together bring fun, frustrations, exhilaration but could be fulfilling at the same time especially if you were able to manage well with harmonious balance with your college academic and social activities.
One of the most exciting aspects of being in a college is the relationships you establish with the people around you. Your parents, classmates, peers, college instructors, college professors, acquaintances and colleagues are mostly those who surround you that in one way or another, the kind of relationship you establish with them would affect significantly the lifestyle you will be confronting your college life with. However you treat your relationships, this would reflect largely into the performances and actions you convey all throughout your battle with the-sometimes-complicated-part of one’s life in the university. College relationships can give you the best or most difficult part of your college experiences depending on your own discretion.
The relationships you surround yourself with will ostensibly cultivate a form of a lifestyle that would manifest all your behavior. There is a saying that college relationship is the kind that could either break you or make you focused on your goals. Good college relationships are those you have favorably built with friends that encourage you to have fun while not sacrificing the hard work of studying. On the other hand, if you surround yourself with friends that constitute to a bad college relationship, this could pull you down and keep you focused on elsewhere and consequently could ruin the semester or the whole college life for you. The importance of relationships in college is that it could last a lifetime. This could be realized especially when you have formed healthy relationships with your college friends.
Another thing is that while having positive college relationships could enable you to move freely around the campus and always foster a smile for your brighter days all throughout your college life, throwing on with negative college relationships could lead you to a social isolation. Social isolation has become an enigma to the college surrounding as this is found to be a channel to the student’s ultimate withdrawal from the college. Hence, it is essential that before you develop social isolation deter those inhibitions and qualms from eating away all your confidence. Those are the components that are interrupting your social activities. It could arrest your emotional and psychological being and take control of your self-esteem so that the idea of conforming to the college campus social behavior threatens not only your studies but your social well-being.
Good relationships or bad relationships in college are formed because of the college student’s choice. If you care enough for your particular interest towards successful college endeavor, you would bind yourself with good relationships by making healthy and favorable contacts with people that has a sense of constructive persistence and demonstrate positive interaction so that a healthy environment could be constructed all around you. And in no time at all, you’ll find yourself a better person due to the positive college relationships you have erected around you.

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