Reason You Are Been Denied Visa

Jul 12, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

A visa is a legal document that one must possess before he or she is allowed to enter a particular country. However, while some countries make visa a compulsory document for citizens of some particular nations, other countries may not require visa from those citizens. The idea of visa being free or compulsory depends on some certain factors between the countries involved. Factors which includes economic policies, political relationships, crime rate, geographical relationships e.t.c.

In issuing visa to applicants, some embassy may invite applicants for a physical and oral interview while other may not. But however, in this article, we will be looking at some various determining factors guiding most visa applications and why applicants are been denied visa on a daily bases. 

Are you qualified?

Before applying for any visa make sure you must have studied about the guide lines governing the visa applications and issuance, to know if you are really qualified.

Maybe you are applying for the wrong visa

They may all be called visas but all of them are totally different. Before applying for visa make sure you know the type of visa you are applying for because different visas types have their various requirements. Make sure you meet the requirement of the particular visa type you are applying for.

You are providing incorrect or insufficient information

All visa have their requirement and information you need to provide when applying for them. This is where most people miss out. Make sure you are provide the correct information so that whenever you are invited for an interview you can defend your application with accuracy.

Being overly confident during the interview

Do not try to be too smart or expressing extreme confidence of a visa approval during the interview, this may make you come off as too over confident and arrogant. Don't present your self like you know it all.

Giving too much information

Note that during interview, you are going to be asked lot of questions but make sure you keep it simple. whenever you are asked any question, go straight to the answer and do not bit around the bush. Also make sure when answering questions, do not provide irrelevant details neither should you provide information that is not requested because this can actually lead to more questions or raise red flags and suspicions that would have otherwise not arisen.

Being disrespectful to the interviewer

Do not be disrespectful to the interviewer. Present your self as humble as you can but make sure you do not fidget. Be confident and be humble. 

Ineffective communication

This is very important because language is a barrier. Some times during interview most applicants find it difficult to understand the interviewer due to an unfamiliar accents. This may leave you quite confused but however, do not hesitate to ask the interviewer for an interpreter or to repeat, explain, or slow down. Ineffective communication can make you misinterpret and get things all wrong. Make sure the communication is effective. Good luck.

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