Amazing Reason Why Lemon Is Essential For Your Beauty

It can be very lovely to go for lemonades every morning or before and after meals. The only thing we know about lemon is that they are good for making smoothies, lemonades and other non alcoholic beverage. But do you know that lemon goes far beyond just being a food for your guts? it can also come in handy in your beauty regimen too. When you think of beauty, think of Lemon because this fruits comes with several amazing nutrients that are not only good for you in the inside but also on the outside. Lemons contains antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. And all this made it a perfect product for your health and beauty.

Below are some simple tricks you can do with lemon. Believe me they are a whole lot of magic.  

Fade the scars on your face

You are trying to mask those scares, why not try clearing them off instead?. You may not need to do much, all that may be required is just lemon. Lemon is one good thing to always count on when battling scars, they do lot of amazing things to the way our skin looks. They help to fade away scars and make them less visible.

All you need is just lemon juice and a cotton pad. Put some lemon juice on the cotton pad and dab the scar a few times. Let the juice sit on the scar for a while and then rinse with cold or lukewarm water. Lemon juice virtues are myriads, according to experts, lemon can also be helpful in the healing process of injuries. You can also apply them on your cuts because of their antiseptic properties. Not only will they hasting the recovery but also makes the post injury scars less visible.

It helps Cleanse the skin

Zits are terrified in the presence of lemon. Lemons are good cleansers because of their vitamin and antioxidant properties, they help to fight against spots and zits. To serve as a good cleanser, rub some lemon juice on the spots, let is sit for few minutes, and then rinse with cold water. Repeat this process at least twice daily, you will notice a striking difference in no time.

Lighten your hair