Cotton Swab Is Harmful - See Safe Ways Of Cleaning The Ear

Jul 12, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Ear wax is a fluid found in the ears, it has a lot of good functions like preventing micro organisms from creeping into the ear, and also it helps to trap dust. Sometimes the ear wax accumulates much and becomes too occupied with debris that it gets hard and stuck to our ear making it difficult in hearing. It is true that using cotton board on our ears is not advisable not only that the cotton can loose inside the ear but also can cause serious damage to the ear bringing about complications and ear problems. 

We may have heard that the ear is an organ that can clean it self, however, this is true, but if you think that you still need to clean it yourself, there are way you could do that and it is totally safe compare to using cotton boards. 

Use finger and tissue

Wrap some tissue on your pinky, which is your little finger, then gently dip the finger into your ear but be careful not to jam it too hard on your ear canal - with this, you could successful clan your ear without needing a cotton board. The best time to do this is immediately after bath because the wax must have been soft by then.     

You can use hydrogen peroxide

Lie down with your ear facing up then gently add some few drops of hydrogen peroxide. Leave for few minutes like five to six minutes by then the wax must have dissolved. If you feel some foamy nature or bubbles, don't panic that is the cleaning process. Then lastly gently pour out the liquid containing the dirt. Boom !! you have a clean ear.  

Olive oil can also do some magics too

Just the way it was said when using hydrogen peroxide, is the same way it is when using olive oil but the only different is that you may not notice bubbles unlike using hydrogen peroxide.

Earwax drops works

An alternatives to hydrogen peroxide and olive oil is ear drop. You could get this from a nearby pharmaceutical store. You can follow the same process highlighted above just like the hydrogen peroxide procedures.

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