The Origin Of Birthday Cakes And It Ancient Traditions

Cake is a very delicious and heart glowing pastry that represents happy moments and depicts celebration. It is believed that the first official use of birthday cakes originated in Germany.

Originally cakes use to be a coarse bread like structure before it was further enhanced by other ingredients and sweeteners. It use to be a food only the rich can afford not until the 18th century when the ingredients and baking utensils became available that everyone could afford it.

What about the idea of candles on cakes, how come about that?

Let's read further to discover the myths behind candles on cakes and how this adorable birthday inspiring gesture came about.  

History of Birthday Candles

There are several theories to the history of candles on birthday cakes but however, the first people to lit a candle on cakes are the Greeks. The Greeks would make round cakes to honor their moon goddess "Artemis". They believed that the lit candles on the cake illustrate the glow of the moon, and the smoke from the candles carried their prayers and wishes to the gods who lived in the skies. However, what an interesting history !

Most cultures today would find it indecent to celebrate birthday without cakes and candles to decorate it. The number of candles usually represents the age of the person being celebrated. Many believe that a silent wish must be made while blowing out all the candles with one breath. The wish cannot be told to anyone else, other wise it may not come through.

It is always good to remember this traditions and history the next time you bake a cake for your birthday. Have fun. Cheers !!!

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