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Abracadabra A Great Birthday With A Magician!

Children’s birthday parties have become outrageous showcases of food, gifts, and entertainment that are costing parents more and more each year. Instead of focusing on the child, parents are striving more and more to “keep up with the Joneses” and put on fantastic displays that involve a great deal of time and money for the planning and execution of the party. Instead of worrying about booking venues packed with activities, consider throwing your child an old fashioned bash in your own backyard. For a special touch, consider hiring a magician to entertain both children and adults for the party. A magician is a great way to entertain the crowd while maintaining a unique aspect for your child’s party.
A magician is a classic way to entertain and enthrall the young and the young at heart when it comes to hosting a birthday party. If your child is interested in becoming the next Houdini, use magic as the theme for his or her party. If you are planning to hire a magician to provide entertainment for you child’s birthday party, you may need to plan ahead and book the magician’s services in advance to prevent any last minute cancellations or bookings.
If you have decided to include a magician in your child’s birthday party, call around. Ask friends, family members, or coworkers for a referral of a specific magician they have hired or seen perform in the past. Also, consider contacting your local chamber of commerce or business organization to see if there is someone offering their entertainment services for hire. You will find that word of mouth is incredibly powerful; as you can be sure the magician you hire to perform at a birthday party or any event will provide age appropriate entertainment.
Before your hire a magician or any entertainment provider, be sure to get the agreement in writing. Also, you may need to pay an initial deposit to ensure the date for the party. Some questions to ask the magician include if their material is appropriate for children, how long they plan to perform, if they are willing include the birthday child in their act, and what will happen in the unfortunate event they are unable to attend or perform.
Once you have booked your magician, be sure not to change the date and time of the party. Doing so may cost you additional money or cause you to lose the magician due to previous commitments. A magician may book several parties or events on a given day, so his or her schedule is tight and unable to be changed.
Hiring a magician is an excellent way to entertain everyone present at the party. Many magicians include kid friendly magic tricks and may even teach the children a couple of tricks of their own. If this is the case, be sure to purchase any potential items necessary for the event for the children ahead of time. Also, consider giving away magic tricks as game prizes or party favors so the theme is continued throughout the party. Your child is sure to enjoy the fun filled tricks, jokes, and illusions that a professional magician can provide.

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