The Conspiracy Theories Behind Antarctica You Need To Know

Jun 20, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Antarctica is surrounded by conspiracy theories and ice. Both are unsurprising considering that the continent is the most remote and the least understood on Earth.

It is practically impossible to live there without specialized gear, buildings, and support from humans on a more livable continent that is why it is mainly reserved for scientific purposes and scientific researches. This also has made Antarctica the perfect candidate for conspiracy theories ranging from aliens to UFOs, secret government bases, and some really strange things.

The Nazis Have A Secret Base In Antarctica

There is a conspiracy theory that the Nazis have a secret base in Antarctica. This idea began after conspiracy theorists discovered that the Nazis had launched an expedition to Antarctica in 1938 which presumably consisted of several military and scientific ships.

While there, the Nazis supposedly discovered several underground caves and rivers and later converted the largest cave into a secret city where they lived with the Illuminati. Some conspiracy theorists speculate that Hitler fled to this secret base after losing the war.

Believers also claim that the Nazis somehow managed to lay their hands on alien technology at the secret base. They exploited this to build the weapons they tested at the smaller caves.

In truth, the Nazis do not have a secret base in Antarctica. There is no evidence that they made weapons with alien technology or tested any weapon in Antarctica, either. Besides, the Nazis only sent one ship to the region around 1938 in search of new whale hunting grounds. They abandoned the expedition after World War II broke out.

The Lost City Of Atlantis Is Under Antarctica

Some conspiracy theorists claim that the fabled Atlantis is under Antarctica. Interestingly, the idea kicked off in the 1950s after Professor Charles Hapgood, a historian, suggested that Antarctica was home to some undiscovered ancient civilization. Hapgood’s belief hinged on the theory that Antarctica was not covered with ice 11,600 years ago.

Conspiracy theorists claimed that Hapgood was right. However, they added that the civilization was actually Atlantis, which remains covered in ice today. In 1995, Graham Hancock asserted in his study, Fingerprints of the Gods, that the people of Atlantis had migrated from Antarctica to found the Aztec, Mayan, and Egyptian empires.

Rectangular Icebergs In Antarctica Were Built By Aliens

Scientists have revealed the existence of weird, almost perfectly rectangular icebergs in Antarctica. They are often huge and are sometimes visible from space. The rectangular icebergs look more man-made than natural. It is almost as if they were neatly carved out of a larger iceberg. That is true, except that they are really natural.

Scientists call them tabular icebergs. They are naturally formed when part of an iceberg breaks off from a larger one. However, conspiracy theorists do not believe this. They say that the icebergs were either made by humans or aliens.

Some of them also suggest that it could be a secret government facility. Conspiracy theorists hinge their arguments on the fact that perfect shapes rarely exist in nature, which is true. However, scientists have pointed out that not every corner of the iceberg is usually perfect.

A UFO Crash-Landed In Antarctica

Some conspiracy theorists called “alien hunters” claim to have discovered evidence of an alien UFO that crash-landed in Antarctica. The hunters reached this conclusion after analyzing a suspicious trail, which they found with Google Earth, on the continent’s surface.

The trail starts from what appears to be the collapsed peak of a mountain. This suggests that the UFO hit the peak as it crash-landed. However, geologists don’t agree. They insist that the trail was caused by an avalanche.

A Crater In Antarctica Is Actually An Entrance Into The Earth

In January 2019, it was reported that scientists from NASA and the German Aerospace Center had discovered a crater deep under the permafrost of Antarctica.

Although it was only recently reported, the crater was first discovered during an analysis of satellite images of Antarctica in 2006. Scientists think the crater was formed by one of the asteroids that hit the Earth millions of years ago and caused the extinction of the dinosaurs.

However, conspiracy theorists do not think so. They have suggested that the crater is part of the secret Nazi base that we mentioned earlier. Others believe that the crater was discovered during a US Navy operation to find the entrance into the Earth. They think the crater is the entrance.

Google Knows Something We Do Not Know About Antarctica

In March 2018, a pro–conspiracy theory YouTube channel claimed that Google knows some secrets about Antarctica. And it seems like Google is doing all it can to hide that information from us. However, a rebellious Google employee is supposedly trying to reveal the conspiracy to us.

The presenter of the YouTube channel said that a red cross appears whenever he hovers over a location in Antarctica—but only when he has enabled the weather feature on Google Earth. The conspiracy theorist believes that this occurs because an unidentified Google employee wants us to see whatever is hidden there.

The presenter suggested that it could be a UFO base, some secret treasure, or a glitch in Google Earth.

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