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Weird Facts You Probably Didn't Know About Finding a Significant Other

Apr 28, 2021 By Kayode Oseh 926
Falling in love seem to be the most complex thing that ever exists in the universe. While we cannot completely understand the phenomenon and all that it entails, however, several research is being made daily by professionals, both from personal experiences and field studies. These researches are actually broadening our understanding of love affairs. 

Below are weird but cool facts about falling in love that you might have missed.  

Falling in love is like being on drugs.
The ecstatic feeling your brain gets when you fall in love is the same as that you experience from drugs like cocaine, heroine and others. Love and drugs trigger the same release of feel-good brain chemicals like endorphins, dopamine, oxytocin, and adrenaline, giving you that natural high euphoria you wish to never come out from. 

Love is chemically addictive.
The chemicals your brain releases when you fall in love are intensely euphoric. To ensure that you continue in that euphoria, they stimulate the brain reward center, creating a dopamine pathway that makes you addicted to love. The kind of addiction you get from cocaine. 

Being in love cuts headache in half.
When you have chronic headache, love might just be the true solution to your migraines. According to a research conducted by group of experts in Stanford University School of Medicine, researchers gave participants with chronic headaches a nasal spray with few doses of oxytocin hormone (the love hormone,) After few hours, 50 percent of the participants reported that their headaches had reduced in half while another 27 percent reported no pain at all. 

Men fall in love faster than women.
It is not very uncommon to hear a man say "I love you" to someone he just met. While it may seem very awkward to say this to the woman that came around you just a few days ago, according to psychologists, its probably not your fault. It has been studied that oxytocin (love hormone) trigger quickly in men than in women according to a research. 

Being in love keep you away from the hospital.
A research has shown that single people get sick easily compared to their married counterparts. One of the most convincing hypothesis behind it is that, human beings have been designed by evolution to live in a closely knit social circle. When that is not achieved, the biological system might get overwhelmed, reducing the sense of wellbeing. 

It helps you heal faster.
Not getting well until true love comes around seem like a fairytale straight out of the cartoon movie. However, the cartoons do have something real to pass across. Having a loved one by your side when you're sick or injured doesn't just provide emotional support, it can also speed up the healing process according to experts. 

It has a lot to do with scent as it does with visuals. 
Visuals alone does not determines attraction, scents can too. How a person smells, goes a long way to strengthen the bond between two partners. Thanks to the pheromone, chemicals secreted in sweat that can spur sexual arousal. 

Kissing serves a biological purpose.
Relationship experts say that lip-locks go a long way to determine the strength of a relationship. It can help you choose a potential match mate that seem right for you. 

Hugging your partner is an instant stress and pain reliever.
Are you feeling stressed and need some instant relief? hug it out with the person you love. When you hug or cuddled by someone your heart beats for, you feel an increased level of oxytocin. Which can numb pains, lower stress levels and boost your mood. 

Animals practice monogamy too.
Humans aren't the only species in the animal kingdom that take monogamous marriage seriously, some animals do, too. Swan for example, are animals that practice monogamy, they have just one partner throughout their lives. Research shows that a Swan can die of heartbreak when he/she looses a partner. Other animals that can be found in this category includes beavers, otters, wolves, seahorses, barn owls e.t.c. 

Couples' heartbeats synchronize.
When you and your spouse gaze into each other's eyes, there are actually some things going on down there behind the scene...both of your heart rate are probably syncing up. According to a research in the University of California, experts analyzed 32 heterosexual couples who sat facing each other for three minutes, the researchers found that both couples heart rates were nearly identical. One of the most obvious and noble reasons is because of the strong bond between partners on both an emotional and physical level. 

Love is organic
Just like other things that grow because they have life, love can too. You can actually love anyone if you want to. How strong your love for someone will be is determined by what kind of things you feed it with. This is according to an expert in psychology.

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