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Avoid These Habits if You Want to Brighten Your Pearls

Apr 29, 2021 By Kayode Oseh 977
Those that smile a lot probably have one thing in common, they are very confident putting on that smile all the time because they know they've got it all covered. Confident is perhaps one of the things you get from a good oral hygiene. Besides drinking coffee and dark juices, or perhaps smoking, there are more unexpected ways you might be staining your teeth without realizing it. 

Here are ways you might be preventing your enamels from looking their best.

You bake with berries 

Berries are probably good for your oral health, their teeth-whitening effects are somewhat very impressive. However, they can make you teeth a little dingy when they are mixed with other foods. When you eat berries with cakes, jams, and perhaps jellies, it makes your pearl loose their glow. 

You don’t drink iced tea.

Iced tea are packed with lots of antioxidants and organic compounds that serve as food for your dentition. The bleaching properties of the substances found in iced tea, help purify your enamel. They also increase production and the free flow of saliva, which, in turn, helps fight tooth decay and prevent teeth discoloration.

Your are using a very hard toothbrush. 

Some soft or extra gentle toothbrush is actually the best for your teeth. Strong brushes wont get your teeth any brighter, instead, they even wear away your enamel, making your teeth vulnerable to decay and discoloration. No wonder soft brushes are usually recommended by dentists. 

You swim too often

You frequently engage yourself in oral hygiene routines to the best of your knowledge, yet it seem like your teeth is not appreciating you enough. Before you get a little discouraged, have you considered your swimming habits? If you’re a dedicated swimmer who spend over 6 hours a week in the pool, chances are, your teeth would probably discolor. You cannot totally avoid water getting into your mouth when swimming, and all the chemicals the pool contains are bad for your teeth. Chlorine for example helps eliminate bacteria in the water, but it can also build tar-tars around your teeth, making it turn yellow or brown. 

You don't consider your type of mouthwash