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Incredible Items You Didn't Know You Needed

Apr 27, 2021 By Kayode Oseh 1.1K
We all want to have things around that will make our life lot easier. However, tons of items have been developed to serve such purpose. These things are essential and necessary --some of them, you even barely know you needed them. Most of these items turn out to be very handy, and provide the best user experience...they are things you would barely find in the hands of the average Joe. 
Just stick around a little longer as we explore some of them. 

Insta360 Air

Gone are the days when cameras only have the ability to focus on a particular angle. This device can cover a wide range of view, it helps you to stream a live video in 360 degrees. It comes with 3k lens and real-time seamless stitching for the best VR video experience. 

Cube Rif6 Cube 2-Inch Mobile Projector

Watching something alone is cool but watching with group of friends is a brace. Smartphone displays are perfect when you are watching something on your own. But when you have click of friends huddled over the small screen, things might get complicated. The "Cube Mobile Projector" comes with a wonderful purpose, It is a projector that is compatible with your smartphone. With it, you can project a 120-inch display anywhere you want, making sure you have the best view of all things from your smartphone.

LifeStraw Personal Portable Water Purifier

This thing looks ordinary but it's absolutely incredible. It can purify your water and eradicate about 99.9 percent of dirts and germs, helping you to get the best taste out of drinking water. It comes very handy for those of us who live in environments where clean water is hard to find. It can purify up to 1000 liters of water and more...probably best to have around.

MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

If you are like me who loves to bond with the caffeine almost all the time, then you should probably check this out. Minipresso offers you the best experience in coffee making. It allows you make a fresh coffee anytime, anywhere. It doesn't need any electricity neither does it need a battery, it is hand operated and has a sleek design that can fit into a bag that easily. 

Silicone Stretch Lids That Keep Food Fresh

Keep things fresh if you want to please Joe! 
This set of silicone stretch lids keep your prepped food and leftovers tightly sealed, ensuring freshness and durability of foods. It comes in seven different sizes. It is elastic, airtight, reusable and leak-proof, and can adjust to fit the top of any bowl, ensuring every content within stays fresh. 

The Vegetable Chopper With A Container That Catches Everything

No more worries about your vegetables flying all around when they are being chopped. This device's bottom container has the capacity to catch and hold up to 8 cups of chopped produce without wasting a fiber. They are made with stainless steel blades that are durable enough to chop through the toughest of all vegetables. 

Long Exfoliating Scrubber For Hard-To-Reach Places

It seem like a sponge but it comes with a bit more advantage than the ordinary sponge. It is an all in one scrubber that has the ability to soothe, exfoliate and massage the skin at the same time. Use the more coarser side for exfoliating and the other softer, honeycomb side for polishing and massaging.

A Detangling Brush That Combs Gently Through Wet Or Dry Hair

No matter the condition and texture of your hair, this comb can run through every strands ensuring that they are well dressed while minimizing breakage. The comb is great for removing, knots and tangles from both wet and dried hairs. It is a sure tool to add to your next beauty kits.

These Copper Compression Support Sleeves To Help Relieve Foot Pain

For those of us who have fallen arches, this is for you. The sleeves are made of copper infused fabric with compressions that offer extra support and comfort to your foot. It help relieve the pain of fallen arches, flat feet, and heel spurs. You can wear them with any type of sneakers or shoes and can even be worn in conjunction with socks.

The Foam Cleaning Sponges That Can Be Used Without Soap

This multi-functional foam cleaners can clean without using detergents and soaps. They do just fine with water alone. They're great for scrubbing tough stains in the bathroom, kitchen, laundry room and more. 

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