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Countries Where Social Media is Either Banned or Restricted

Mar 30, 2021 By Obiaks 588
Social media has influenced our society in a whole lot of ways. We all know that information is key and nobody can deny the fact that the invention of Facebook, twitter and the rest, actually improved our information system. It has arguably become the most convenient and most used mediums of communication in this modern era. People across the globe connect freely through it, even businesses have been affected positively by it. It has now become an effective tool in the hands of businesses owners, where they use it to showcase their products and services to the world and expand their customer base. With all being said, we could say that social media is one of the most significant things that has ever happened to our generation even if it has its own dark sides. 

As important as social networks are, there are still some places around the world which has placed limitations and restrictions on its use. Maybe because it poses threats to their society or because they don't even understand the significant of using social media or maybe perhaps they don't like the idea that popular social networks like Facebook was not developed in their nation. However, Whatever, the reasons may be, below are countries where popular social networks like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram and other social channels are completely inaccessible or actively monitored.  

In Pakistan, social media is not that accessible. This is a country where the citizen's activities over the internet are actively controlled and monitored by the government, probably due to religious reasons. It is very obvious that religion is one of the major reasons behind this restriction. Because there've been incidents in the past when the Pakistan government blocked the pages of Facebook and access to the website after some religious issues. 

Mauritians activities over the internet is being actively monitored by the government. The reason has something to do with the time when a fake profile of the then Mauritius Prime Minister 'Navin Ramgoolam', came into notice, that led to the ban of Facebook for few hours. 

Syria is war torn country that is currently going through a long and impending civil war. Social networks are not that accessible most especially Facebook. One of the major reasons behind their social media ban is to avoid being monitored by antagonistic nations like Israel and the rest. 

Bangladesh had once banned the use of Facebook. A cartooned photo of Prophet Mohamed that onetime hovered round the internet, stirred up lots of anger in many Muslim nations including Bangladesh. As a result the country dropped Facebook for a while. 

In 2011, Egypt ban the use of social media for a while because it was used to foster protests across the country. The Egyptian government cut off access to internet and various social media site. However, the ban was  lifted after few days. 

North Korea
Because North Korea want to completely shut themselves from the rest world, they have chosen not to engage in the things of the world. There is nothing that concerns the world you will see or hear in North Korea. They have chose to completely alienate themselves. I wonder how far its citizens can cope with such tyranny. 

There are lots of censorship in China. The Chinese government controls internet content and restricts, deletes, or even bans content it deems is not in the interest of the state. However, this is just a half truth to why China don't use popular social networks. There are two other major reasons in my own opinion, one is that China restrict the use of Facebook, Twitter and the rest because they don't want to generate so much revenue for America. And two, China has never loved the fact that they weren't the first to develop Facebook and other popular social networks.  

The Islamic country is quite orthodox in terms of freedom of opinions and communication. It is a country where citizens has little or no right at all. So it shouldn't come as a surprise that Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube are not accessible in the country. 

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