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Important Things You are Probably Doing Wrongly Every Morning

Mar 05, 2021 By Kayode Oseh 1.9K
When we wake up in the morning, its important that we engage in healthy activities that will ease our path into the new day. This is a very delicate moment of our day and perhaps the most important. How well we are going to journey through out the entire day arguably depend on the arrangements we've made at sunrise. We all probably have our morning routines and engagements, but the problem with many of these routines, however, is that they may actually be working against us or perhaps they are not very healthy.  
Not giving thanks. 
Several research in psychology and neuroscience have shown that Gratitude! is one of the best qualities we can ever possess as human beings. However, it is rather unfortunate that this is usually the most underrated of all human virtues. Learn to be grateful every morning! 

Rejecting the silence.
There is absolutely no moment of the day that is better to engage in focus silence than at sunrise. If in the morning you woke up listening to the radio or television, you are probably missing out on the advantage that comes with quietness. When you wake up in the morning take out time to quite your mind. It brings you closer to yourself and your thought. Plus it eases you into the day.   

Snoozing some more.
It is usually a problem getting up from bed when its morning. Some extra minute sleep will only leave you wanting some more. Get up when its time and greet the day. It is important that you go to bed early, with that you are sure to have a good rest and be able to get up when the alarm blares. 

Focusing on the negative.
The way we think of our day when we wake up is the way the day goes for us. There is no better moment to be positive than in the morning. 

Not drinking enough water.
The only breakfast we have is water. It should be the first meal we gift our body. Water awakens our metabolism and get our digestive system prepared for the days activities. At the top of that, it nourishes our brain. 

Not saying affirmations.
Aside being religious, a positive declaration clears the paths for positivity. Learn to speak well of your day and be convinced that things will just be as awesome as you anticipated it.   

Not exercising. 
Exercising is not an overemphasized phenomenon. It is something you must do to feel the wholeness of wellbeing. Even if its just a stretch in the morning, do it! Your body will thank you for it. 

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