Best Whatsapp Hacks And Tricks You Need To Learn

The whatsapp is undoubtedly the most used social network in the world. This application came in really handy in our modern world of information and communication. The amazing features ranging from video calls, voice messages, text messages and status updates, altogether made the application an outstanding one. The developers of whatsapp are quite amazing, and it seem that this application is not about to get lost in oblivion anytime soon. It's very likely that you spend most of your time perhaps, using the Whatsapp. But how well do you really know the application? It turns out that there are quite a lot of handy tricks and hacks most of us are probably not familiar with. They make whatsApp really cool and handy to use. Plus they can maximize our experience and enjoyment altogether when using the application.

Check bellow to see some really cool tricks you need to know about your most used social network. 

Star a message 

You can easily save and retrieve any message when you star it. To do this, double click on the message or you can press and hold on it. The message will automatically get saved. To retrieve the saved message, click on the three dots at the top right corner just after the search box. Then click on stared messages to see the messages you've saved. 

Find you favorite chatmate 

You can easily find your favorite whatsapper, meaning the person you chat with the most when you go to settings. 

If you are an iPhone user, go to=> data and storage use > storage use. Here you’ll find a list of the contacts who use up the most storage on your phone; ie who you message the most. 

If you are an android user, go to settings > chat > chat history > email chat. 

Note, you can only access this feature when you are using the recent whatsapp version.

How to prevent photos and videos from saving automatically 

Our storage space suffer when we allow photos and videos to save automatically. To avoid this,  

If you are using iPhone, go to settings > chats, then turn the save incoming media off. 

For our android folks, go to settings > chats then turn the media visibility off. 

Mute a group chat

Nothing is more annoying as the frequent notifications that constantly flow in from different group chats. This can actually take a big toll on a lot of things in our phone. Ranging from storage spaces, battery life and data consumption. If you need a break but don't want to leave a group chat, you can actually mute the incoming messages from the group. To do this, press and hold on the chat until a crossed-out speaker symbol appears at the top of the screen. 

Use Whatsapp Without Mobile Number.
Not everyone actually knows this trick! You can use whatssapp without a mobile number. It comes in really handy especially if you want to chat but do not want to reveal your identity. 

Step 1. Download WhatsApp messenger on your Android device and install and launch it.

Step 2. If you already have whatsApp, then you have to delete your account and download and install it over again.

Step 3. Next step tells you to enter your name and verify your mobile number. But make sure that you do not enter your mobile number when it tells you to do so because you have to verify it in another way.

Step 4. Download Text+ App on your mobile to verify your mobile number.
Step 5. After launching the text + App, open it and go to settings then select contacts.

Step 6. You will get a number for your personal use in the app. Copy that number or write it out.

Step 7. Open your WhatsApp messenger and paste the number that you get from the text + App.

Step 8. Click continue button. Now you will get a verification code in the Text+ app.

Step 9. Get this code and verify your account. BooM! your WhatsApp account is ready without any number.

Now you can chat undercover! good luck 

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