Things we do Today that will be Barbaric in the future

Mar 06, 2021 By Kayode Oseh
How do you rate the civilization of now compare to centuries ago? When you look back at the past, do you often see how primitive things were and how stupid our ancestors behaved. Doctors would bleed patients to get them better, slavery was a normal thing, church members would pay their pastors so their sins could be forgiven, even kings were seen as immortals and were worshiped as gods. These are probably the things we can no longer do today because of how barbaric they are to modern standards. We could say today that we have been civilized. However, despite the progress we think we've made in civilization, there are still many things we will continue to do wrong. That in 200 years to come, the future generation would look back at us, shake their heads in pity and say these people were bunch of savages. And they would probably be right. 
Below are some of the things that we do today and celebrate, but in more than a hundred years to come, they would be a savage practice.  


The world is subconsciously starting to see war as a barbaric way of life. Forget the facts that a lot of countries are fortifying their arsenals day by day. A time will come when they will regret ever wasting half of their nation's budgets on security and defense instead of using it for something meaningful. It actually makes a lot of sense when we consider the way the world was during the time of our ancestors, when war was a normal way of life. But today a lot of things have changed. Gone are those days when emperors invade other countries just to enlarge their empire, gone are the days of Alexander, gone are the days of Genghis khan, gone are the days of Darius. Today a lot of countries have several weapons, both nuclear and un-nuclear, but how many have actually used them? You see my dear! war is gradually becoming archaic. 
Albert Einstein once said, "I do not know what World War III would be fought with, but I do know that World War IV would be fought with sticks and stones". This is a smart statement coming from the science genius, he probably had seen the future of war. A time will come when senseless killings will be a thing of the past. If that day ever comes, people will look back at the days of violence and be ashamed of their ancestors. 

Manual Labor

Once upon a time when human beings were subjected under the cruelty of hard labor. They would haul stones from pits, dig foundations by hand and erect an edifice as mighty as the pyramid of Giza. Because of the lack of machines, humans were made to break backs, endanger their lives just to make a paycheck. Almost all the structures erected from dust to sky in those days were done by hands and sometimes with the supports of innocent beasts. However, these rainy-days are gradually becoming a thing of the past. Today with the help of heavy duty machines like tractors, the use of human beings for cruel labor is gradually declining. When the time comes when robots replace all human efforts, manual labor will completely be left for history. 

Poor Health Care

The healthcare sector is beginning to see some daylights in these recent times. Government of many nations have got to see the important of good health facilities, thanks to 'Covid'. If there is any positive thing that Covid19 has brought to the world, is for us to see how porous and primitive our healthcare system is. While the health sector seem to have improved compare to the days of our ancestors, there are still a lot of limitations we will continue to find difficult to overcome. That in 100 years time, people will look back and wonder how come we found it difficult overcoming simple health issues.   

Labeling Based On Gender

Have you ever taken out time to wonder how the concepts of gender would be perceived by the future generations. With some females today wanting to be males and some males wanting to be females, the idea of gender is gradually becoming an uproar in the society. A time will come when there will be nothing like gender anymore. Medicine is gradually evolving into something very mysterious that in the future one could manipulate his or her gene at regular intervals and be able to switch between male and female whenever he or she chooses. Or could even be both at the same time if it pleases.  

Pooping and farting

Pooping and farting is something we all do yet too shy to accept and talk about. It actually means that if we had the chance to change this normal characteristics of life, we would do it. A time will come when girls will be too beautiful to poop and boys will be too handsome to fart. Though it sounds really ridiculous and something very impossible, but hey! human existence is fast becoming very mysterious, anything can happen. Due to advances in biological sciences and genetically modified food, it’s entirely possible that our food will one day be designed to be completely digested and we’ll be left with no waste to produce. 

Manual Driving

In the future, nobody will actually drive cars, planes, or probably anything else. True pilots and drivers will become a rarity. People in the future will look back at the days when we drove around, running into one another with our cars, and say that we were bunch of idiots. With the everyday advancements in technology, smart transportation is fast becoming a thing. Some cars are now being built in such a ways that they can control themselves and bypass human errors. Some of these technologies have already been tested with a surprising amount of success, only God knows what they will become in the future. But one thing is certain, that the next generations to come would see manual driving as a totally barbaric way to live. 

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