Manmade Places Nature Added her Own Beauty

Mar 02, 2021 By Kayode Oseh
When Nature visits anything, the results are always spectacular. Nothing is as intelligent, amazing and real as 'mother nature'. Humans on the other hand are quite a wonderful creature too. It cannot be disputed that human beings have the abilities to make things that are quite stunning as well. The pyramid of Giza, the great walls of China and the Oresund bridge of Denmark and Sweden, actually proves this. However, whatever the human race is capable of doing is just a tip of an iceberg when nature comes into the picture. Let us quickly consider some man-made creations that nature made spectacular after adding its own touchups.  

Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

Legend says that couples who walk the "tunnel of love" from beginning to ending holding hands would find good luck in their marriage. This may seem like some form of fairytales, however, the tunnel of love has been a popular destination for couples in recent years -perhaps who wouldn't want to be successful in his relationship?   
Klevan, a small town in Ukraine was usually not a popular destination for tourist until recently. It began to gain international recognition after it was featured in a Japanese movie in 2014 as a film location. Inside this small town lies a railway tunnel that tourist just couldn't help but visit regularly as it has become something really amazing. It is reported that during the cold world war, the military planted numerous trees along the rail line to hide its rail movement. But overtime the thick foliage grew to form a beautiful tunnel that was frequently maintained by the locals in the community. After gaining enough popularity, thanks to Japan! this place became a tourist attraction. 

Honghe Hani Rice Terraces, China

Around 13 centuries ago, this iconic artefacts was created by the Chinese to grow rice. It stretches from the forest mountaintop of the Ailao mountain to the Hong River that is below. The terraces were built in such a way that it widths and depths which forms a receptacle, follows the natural curve of the mountain from top to bottom. Aside this fact, another thing that makes it so spectacular is that it captures rainwater that creates a beautiful reflection of the sky all around it. However, due to abandonment issues, this beautiful manmade art was left to ruin -until recently that it was rescued by some organizations and was named a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2013.

Abraham Lake, Canada

The Abraham Lake was artificially created in 1972 and became Alberta's largest reservoir. It was the result of a dam (the Bighorn Dam) that was opened in the Canadian Rocky mountains on the Saskatchewan River. Although this lake is manmade, but what makes it interesting is that it is blue in color. A property it has retained from the rocky mountains that surrounds it. 

Sreebari Shiva Temple, Bangladesh