Simple tips on how to Give Birth Alone According to Expert

Feb 25, 2021 By Kayode Oseh

Pregnancy comes with a whole lot of experiences; it is a period of excitements, pains, emotions, allergies and many more. There are quite a lot that women pass through when growing a baby inside them. The thoughts of having a baby on the way can be very exciting, but it also leaves many women feeling perturbed because of how unsure they can be about the situation. While some women would have already prepared their minds for self delivery, many others could feel worried whether they will have to go into labor when they are all by themselves and reaching a hospital is difficult or perhaps, they were caught up in a situation where they would have to end up with an unplanned home birth. However, having mix feelings about child delivery can be very normal, but experts have given some simple tips that women would want to keep in mind just in case they end up giving birth alone.

Below are a few simple tips for an emergency delivery you may want to take note of, in case;

Understanding the Situation

You first have to be sure that the baby is on the way. You can actually know this if you noticed any contractions that are strong, long and frequent. These are the indications of imminent deliveries, so of it does occur, get prepared to push.

Don’t be anxious

Try to stay calm and reduce anxiety. However, it is normal that an unplanned delivery might come with lots of frights but remaining calm and trusting your body to naturally carryout it activities, can help you deliver safely.    

Keep Yourself Clean and Comfortable

The last thing you will need around you is dirt. Try to make your environment as clean as possible because newborns are very vulnerable to infections. Ensure proper cleanliness of the environment; wash your hands and the vaginal area. Prepare a bucket of warm water and some nice clean clothes to keep the baby warm, three to four pieces of clean towels would do.

Assume a position you are most comfortable in

Choose the most comfortable position you think will put you at the most ease. If you need to lie down, use a bunch of pillows to prop yourself up so that you assume a recline position.

Withhold the Urge to Push until You Can’t

When you are in a situation when the baby is arriving unexpectedly, it is advisable not to bear down as your delicate tissues might get damaged. Panting helps in adding to the internal pressure and keeps you from holding your breath. Try to ease the baby out by just gently pushing.

Some few tips to help you push;

. Before you start pushing, move into the position of your choice that is most comfortable.

. Push as if you're having a bowel movement.

. Tuck your chin to your chest.

. Give it all your best.

. Stay focused.

. Change positions if you must.

. Rest between contractions to regain strength

. Trust your instinct.

What Next, When the Baby is Out

As soon as the baby is delivered, you must towel him off and provide skin-to-skin contact by bringing the baby up to the belly or the chest. This is done to keep the baby warm and calm. Majority of babies will start breathing on their own without the aid of any external stimulation or intervention. But if you noticed that the baby can’t breathe or perhaps, can initiate breathing on his own, give him or her two quick and extremely gentle puffs of air into the mouth and nose. Then guide the baby’s mouth to the nipple to initiate breastfeeding.

Be careful of the Umbilical Cord

The umbilical cord is very vital to new born babies. If not handle properly could cause infections to the baby. Cutting the umbilical cord in a sterile fashion can be some how difficult to achieve. So if you can’t do it properly, it’s better to wait for emergency teams to came around to help you out. 


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