The Hidden Secrets Behind the World's Most Famous Logos

Feb 27, 2021 By Kayode Oseh

Logos are one of the most important parts of any business or organization. They helps to give a company its identity and enhance it brand awareness. This is one of the few things a company cannot do without If it want to gain enough popularity and become world acclaimed. There is quite a lot of information that logos tend to pass across to the whole world about a company’s identity and brand, no wonder that most companies go as far as spending millions of dollars just to get this trade mark done.

Quite enough thousands of logos are around the world with each of them representing different organizations; communicating different products and services. However, some have made it to become the world most popular, that almost everyone in the world has become familiar with them -they are instantly identifiable and they are just about everywhere. These world's most famous logos are pretty much imprinted on our brains, but many of these familiar emblems have more to them than actually meet the eyes. Majority of them contain hidden secrets that may have escaped your radar. These hidden meanings play on the subconscious, and even if you’ve seen them a million times over, they each hold something rather unexpected.

Do you wanna discover the hidden truths behind some of the world’s most famous logos? Read on to see some really fascinating facts.


Pepsi redesigned it logo in the year 2009 with a hooping sum that ran into several millions of dollars to design. The logo looks so simple and it looks like a globe, the top half is red, the bottom half is blue, and a wavy white line runs through the center. But the meaning is not so obvious until you give it deep thought. The design actually represents Earth’s magnetic field, feng shui, geodynamics, renaissance arts the architect Le Corbusier and more. The Da Vinci Code is the best explanation to the design.


The Amazon logo may seem very clear to some people but until you take a close look at it, you may never get the full gist of what it presents. It is quite easy to miss the meaning behind the arrow that underscores the logo. The arrow is pointed from “a to the z”; meaning that Amazon offers a large variety of products for sale –any type of product you can talk about. And the smiley formed by the arrow means that the company is friendly and offers a good customer’s satisfaction.


Carefully observe the first three letters “Pin” of the word and check the logo again. The “P” within the circle in the logo resembles a pin. Perhaps it’s name Pintrest.


Taking a closer look at the Toyota logo, you will see that every letter in the word “Toyota” is actually hidden within the logo itself. The “T” is center, the “O” is the outer ring, the “Y” is also made of the center rings, and the “A” is right in the middle. However, many have questioned the accuracy but the logo thus, says something about the letters.

FC Barcelona

The FC Barcelona has arguably the most famous logo in the world of football. Whoever that is not familiar with this emblem probably has no interest in soccer or he/she is new to football. This world-class soccer club's logo is homage to Catalonia, the red and yellow stripes of the logo depicts that Catalan flag while the cross represents the red cross of St George (the patron saint of Catalonia).


It is believed by many that the apple logo is a tribute to science pioneers Sir Isaac Newton for his discoveries of gravity and it laws. While many also believe that the logo represents the fruit from the tree of knowledge in the Bible. However, no one actually knows for sure which of these are correct.   

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