This is how 5G Technology will Usher In a Smart Universe

Feb 25, 2021 By Kayode Oseh

The fifth generation technology in telecommunication 5G, is set to change the world in a whole lot of ways. Being the most advance mobile network compared to its counterparts; 1G, 2G, 3G, 4G, the 5G is set to usher in the worlds future in due time. In fact it makes a lot of sense if we say the future is here already. It has always been a dream to have something that could connect virtually everyone and everything together including machines, objects, and devices; and in a kind of way, it seem the fifth generation technology 5G is here to make that dream a reality. The application of this technology will actually improve data speed that is as high as multi-Gigabytes per seconds (Gbps), deliver massive network capacity, increased availability, ultra low latency and a uniform user experience to more users. In a nutshell, everything will begin to happen accurately at the snap of a finger as long the 5G is concern.

With all being said, there are quite a lot the world is set to enjoy from this technology. Let us just look at some few sectors where 5G will bring a massive revolution.

Energy Sector

The energy sector is beginning to experience growth in the number of smart meters and only infrastructure with high capacity and high bandwidth like the 5G network can adequately support it.

Manufacturing and Industrial Automation sector

The manufacturing sector is going to be a major beneficiary of the 5G technology. Since 5G helps to facilitate the processing of data at a faster rate, machine-to-machine communication will be enhanced in an industrial automation process during manufacturing. A lot of manufacturing industries have actually made their intentions clear with the use of 5G e.g Ericsson. The Ericsson Company had already published their implementation of 5G to accelerate the four stages of their manufacturing process, which includes design, deployment, operations, and maintenance.

Transportation industry

Transportation industry will function effectively and seamlessly with the application of 5G. It will allow for real-time data collection and analysis via car sensors. The use of Google maps to track location will become more effective; the ability of cars to control itself in order to bypass human errors will be magnificent. 


5G networks will usher in a new era of remote care. Simple home-based devices will be able to monitor and automatically manage the health of people living with chronic conditions. Wearable devices will alert those in the wider population if any health anomalies are detected, facilitating a conversation with doctors based on the data they have gathered. Remote surgeries will become effective; doctors may not need to be physically present to perform surgery on patient. 5G will enhance the flow of data and communication between doctors and remotely controlled robots in order to carry out surgery operations on patients.


Movies and TV shows will migrate from green screen effects to smart stages and virtual sets. Entertainment will become increasingly interactive, real-time and viewable from three dimension or 360 degrees. This actually mean that viewers will be able to watch film and shows from inside the set and move around inside it, not as an avatar but as a photo-real version of themselves. 


Internet of Things IOT, is already a reality. The aim of this technology is to make all everyday objects to connect and be usable over the internet so they become smarter. IoT will benefit from 5G because of the network’s latency and bandwidth improvements. Imagine being able to regulate the temperature in your house by using just your smart phone or increase and decrease the rate at which your gas burn by adjusting your wrist watch. Making inanimate objects get smarter and to be able to communicate between themselves is what 5G network is here to provide. 

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