Most Astonishing Archeological Discoveries in 2020

Feb 16, 2021 By Kayode Oseh

Despite the many difficulties the world faced last year, 2020 still brought about some fascinating discoveries that enhanced the shape to history. Archeology is probably the closes thing we have to a time machine. This field of science is a very beautiful tool that helps us to reconstruct the past and imagine things as they once were. Although 2020 grounded to a halt a lot of positive things, however not minding the mishaps, the world still experienced some breakthroughs; those in the field of science were the most compelling.

Discoveries of sarcophagi in Egypt

Egypt has been the hub of archeological discoveries for ages. Though no one can actually question this since Egypt built the bedrock of almost every civilizations we can find today; so many things that resonate with history are actually lurked away in this place. One of the biggest news in Egyptian archaeology in the year 2020 was undoubtedly the excavation of over 100 painted sarcophagi (stone coffins decorated with sculpture) in Saqqara, an ancient burial ground south of Cairo.

An adorable Image of cat Carved into the Hills of Peru

This discovery wows almost everyone that comes across it.  It was discovered in a hill located in the Nazca Desert of Peru, one of the oldest in the region that dates back to 200 BC to 100 BC. The image is said to measure 120 feet; being one of the most amazing discoveries from the past, it is currently undergoing a lot of protection.

Stunning Rock Paintings in the Amazon Forest

Being one of the most talked about forests and all that it has contributed to the world’s history book, it is not a surprise seeing another astonishing archeological discovery from the Amazon. These stunningly beautiful Ice Age rock paintings of wild animals and humans discovered in the Amazon have actually shown that the early men had a lot of interesting stuffs up their sleeves. According to research, the paintings were created 12,500 years ago, which actually proves that our first fathers were the first geniuses the world ever noticed.   

Ornate Treasures Discovered in Tomb of Silla Princess

Collections of treasure of ancient and valuable artifacts were discovered in Southeastern Korea. Archaeologists found hundreds of gold dripping in a tomb which according to research, they belonged to a Princess of Silla in 5AD, buried in the city of Gyeongju, in the North Province of South Korea. The discoveries consist of a gilt-bronze crown, gold chest ornaments, gold earrings and pendants, gilt-bronze ornaments, gold and silver bracelets and many more.

The Lost Capital of Ancient Maya Kingdom