Ways to Stay Fit Using Only Household Items

Feb 15, 2021 By Kayode Oseh

Majority of us are beginning to appreciate the importance of keeping fit. Considering the type of world we now live in, and how human’s health keep deteriorate by the day, the need to engage in fitness activities have become very necessary. Getting in shape may be one of our top priorities, but one of the problems is how to make that possible. The good news is you don’t need to acquire any standard gym facilities or have yourself registered in one to keep fit; you can actually take advantage of the things around your home and get creative with them. There are plenty of items around your house that can help keep you in shape without having to pay a dime or get yourself registered in a gym.

Grab a Chair

According to studies, most people sit for more than nine hours a day; this is a whole lot of time we can let go off just like that. Whether you're on the bus on a train or sitting at your desk, you can make some creative use of your chair time and give yourself some muscle-toning benefits. With that being said, a chair has so many uses when it comes to exercising from home. You can actually find a sturdy chair in your house and place it in an open area where you can complete your workout routine. You can start the workout with incline push-ups by placing your hands on the seat of the chair and performing push-ups. Then try decline push-ups by placing your feet on the chair this time and perform push-ups.

Load a Backpack

Carrying a heavy backpack may seem like a form of stress but there are actually some hidden benefits than meet the eyes. Whether you are going to work with a backpack full of laptops or going to school with your bag full of books, while it may seem like a whole lot of stress, you are indirectly feeding your muscles and giving them some nice tone. In one way or the other, many of us have a backpack laying fallow around our home; we can actually get creative with them and tap some fitness benefits. Fill the backpack with items from around your house to add some kilograms to your bodyweight moves. You can throw in some old books, clothes or anything that has weight and can fit in. Once it’s loaded with a comfortable amount of weight, you can wear it during lunges, squats, pushups and other cardio exercises around your home.

Use the Stairs