Daily Habits That Can Help Fight Depression

Jan 25, 2021 By Kayode Oseh
Statistics have shown that one in every four people suffers depression. This has been proven to be one of the biggest problems that many have been faced with in our society. From relationships issues to family problems down to issues that concerns work, employment and socialization, there are tons of things around us that can actually bring our spirit down and trap us in that gloomy atmosphere where we feel miserable. It goes without saying that depression can wreck a whole lot of havoc on our system - It can come in between our everyday activities and make us less productive.

But having something to do about it is of a very paramount importance. 
Just as our body needs nutrient to be healthy, so does our brain. When we feel depressed, it simply means that our brain is producing not enough brain chemicals called neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters are our feel-good chemicals - they are released by the brain to make us feel good, relaxed and happy. They are the one responsible for our general sense of wellbeing. Examples of such chemicals include dopamine and serotonin. 
Our brains need certain activities to keep our mental health at its best. Whether your antidepressants aren't working for you, or you just want to supplement your treatment with some good ole natural remedies, here are some simple happiness-promoting activities you can actually engage yourself in. They can bring you out of that mood swings and make your days lit.  

A focused silence well done does not only deliver you to enlightenment but can also help you relax and feel good too. There are lots of benefits that come with meditation. Some studies even proof that meditation is more effective than drugs or counseling in combating depression. 

Practice Yoga