Horrible ways the World has misinterpreted Feminism

Jan 23, 2021 By Kayode Oseh
Feminism has actually affected our society in a lot of way. It has brought about many changes and several developments in our modern society especially in the western world. This revolution is something that everyone has become part of whether consciously or unconsciously. With so much going on in our modern society and with many things that has been said about this movement, there are quite a number of things we misinterpret when we talk about feminism. Most people talk about it but still do not understand what it truly means.  
According to research, below are common misconceptions about feminism that most experts have tried to resolve. These misconceptions cut across the ideology of those who support it and others who tend to oppose it. 

Feminism Is to Hate on Men
There is this common misconception that feminism is actually aimed at men and to rival men in the society –Nope! That is not what feminism entails. In a plane definition, it simply means ‘advocating for women's rights on the bases of equality.’ A true feminist is someone who seeks to have similar right as men in the society without prejudice. Those who choose to rival men in the course of fighting for feminism, is no feminist.  

Males cannot be feminist  
Another very common misconception is that, feminism is a struggle solely reserved for females. Not females alone are meant to be feminist, males as well can be. Supporting feminism has nothing to do with gender. If you think that women should stand the same opportunity as men in the society, you are a feminist. There are lots of feminist around the world who are not females – so if you are a man and want to be a feminist, feel free to be and fight for our fragile folks.   

All women are feminist
Actually Feminism is a good course that tends to fight for women’s right in the society however, not all women actually embrace this course. There are lots of women who still think that men should be superior over women. This believe in a kind of way may have something to do with religion and obeying a religious commandments.   

Feminism fuels Lesbianism 
Choosing to be a homosexual has nothing to do with feminism. Most women think that being a lesbian is a strong indication that one is a feminist. This is actually a very wrong notion of feminism and all it entails. 

Feminism Is Detrimental To Men
A lot of men feel threatened at the mention of the phrase “a feminist society”. Even though feminism is primarily about fighting for equal rights for women, in a kind of way, it has a lot of positive aspect for men too. It supports the idea of men not having to succumb to the societal pressures of being the bread winner and the only person who have to provide for the family. 

Feminism Is a fight for women’s supremacy
It is a mistake to think that establishing a feminist society would bring oppression to men. Feminism is not a fight for supremacy but to eradicate jingoism and any form of female oppression. It is fighting for equal rights and equal opportunities for both genders. 

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