Important Tips to Keep In Mind When Responding to Emergencies

Jan 09, 2021 By Kayode Oseh

Emergency is a normal occurrence of life and whether we like it or not this unexpected process must surely occur every now and then -And how we respond to the alert matters a lot. 

“It goes without saying” that when we are faced with fight and flight mode situations, we immediately become reactive than logical - Your body is on the red alert and its telling you to act quickly. This is a simple biology lesson -you either stand your ground or find somewhere safe to hide. 

But before you transit into frenzy by any cortisol releasing condition, try to remember these few tips. It may actually serve as a survive mechanism to help you contain the situation more effectively.  

. Try to stay calm.

With so much going on in us, it’s not much of a surprise that we automatically become numb to sound reasoning. We just want to act quickly and that can actually impair us from thinking things through normally. With all the blood rushing to your head, your high pulse rate and your enlarged pupil, try to stay calm and let your mind remain with you. Taking deep breaths is everything.

Be in a safe position to help.

Only when you believe that you are safe you can provide support for others. Do not attempt to assist victims if you are in danger.

. Remember that the CPR is always a saving grace

A cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) well done can bring a victim back to life. But you must know how to do it for you to be effective. Open and maintain victim’s airway by offering the rescue-breathing techniques immediately you found out the victim is no longer breathing. But know when to seek assistance from a trained professional when all effort seem futile.

. Check for bleeding. The quicker a victim is stopped from bleeding, the higher his chances of survival. Apply direct pressure with a clean cloth on the victim’s injury then seek medical attention fast. But learn to protect yourself when managing someone’s blood.

. Victims should only be fed with doctor’s recommendation

Never attempt to feed or provide water for an unconscious person even if they request for it. A victim should only be given food or water after a medical professional has checked him out or has made such recommendations. So many victims have collapsed into death because of this.   

. Call emergency services

Call your local emergency services as soon as possible. Try to know their numbers in your locality should in case of an emergency. Every countries have theirs. Try to know the one for yours.

. Don’t move victims around

Unless the situation is life threatening, keep a victim still, quiet and warm. There may be situations where they would require lots of fresh air. But don’t toss them from one place to the other.

I hope this helps!

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