These are Times You Should Cut Back on your Hydration

Jan 11, 2021 By Kayode Oseh

Water is the most important thing we need as humans and we can never go wrong slopping down the H2O. Obviously we need to stay hydrated according to experts in order to aid good metabolism and prevent heat stroke - a very deadly condition that occur when our body overheats.  Although we can’t totally avoid hydrating our self because water is the element that brings life. But are there really times when this life given element becomes our doom? Let’s find out.

According to many experts, these are some few times you should totally avoid hydrating yourself.  

Don't drink when you’ve already had enough

When you’ve already chugged a bunch of water, taking more might put your health in a mess. Too much hydration keeps you at the risk of diluting your electrolytes. Normally your body need to maintain an optimum balance of salt but too much of drinking water interfere with this balance. You can become too low in sodium, a condition known as hyponatremia which is quite deadly. 

When your pee is clear

The only obvious indicator that shows you’ve downed enough water is when your pee is clear. A clear lemonade shade indicates that you’ve attained an optimum level of hydration. But when see a very clear wee, it is telling you to cut back your water intake some bit.

Don’t drink before bedtime

It is true that we should always drink water immediately after we woke up in the morning, because it’s very good for our health. But drinking water before going to bed is completely the opposite. Drinking water right before sinking into bed is something we should totally avoid. Not only will your sleep be interrupted because you have to go always but also you may wake up with a swollen face and limbs as well. Our kidney at night doesn't work as better as it does during the day and this may actually contribute to the symptoms you may experience when you wake up.

After a marathon exercise

It is an irresistible feeling to have the urge to drink water after a strenuous exercise. But do you actually know it’s a dangerous something to do? When we exercise, our body temperature increases and drinking some water most especially when iced-cold can actually cause a shock to the system, causing chronic pain in the stomach.

After consuming large chunk of meal

After consuming a big bowl, having some water right away is a bad idea. Your belly seem to be very occupied with little or no spaces left. Bingeing on H2O this time may actually cause lots of discomforts and bloating. 

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