Reason Why You Should Always Rub Banana peels on your Feet

Nov 12, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Bananas are a very wonderful fruits that comes in handy at all times. This is actually a fruits that is enjoyed by almost everybody in the world and no one seem to be allergic to it. Not only is the fruit wonderful for eating but also the peels that everyone term useless, is quite amazing as well. Below are some wonderful tricks you can do with banana peels you pretty much have not heard of. I promise you its a whole lot of magic.

Banana peels can be very handy when it comes to giving your feet some pedicure!

Having a good pedicure can be a bit expensive and might take some reasonable bucks from your pocket. But right now it seem things are beginning to turn around. With banana peels you can get a desired home made pedicure that will leave your feet looking nice and neat. 

This is what you need to do;

* Get a fresh banana peels ready.

* Wash your feet, keep then clean and dry. 

* Take the banana peels and rub the inside of the peel over the soles of your feet.

* Rinse your feet with lukewarm water and some baking soda

* Rub a nice body lotion on your feet and put on a clean dry socks. 

Make sure that after rubbing the peels on your feet, you let it stay for a while so that your feet can absorb the nutrients before washing with lukewarm water.  

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