Surprising Things You Can Do With Sponge Aside Cleaning

There are lots of things around us we don't know actually have tons of benefits. Who would have really guessed that sponge we all use for washing could have other amazing functions other than just being a cleaning accessories. 

Read on to learn some few tricks you can do with sponge you didn't actually know before. This is What You Don't Know You Can Do With Sponge

Sprouting seeds

This is actually magical yet very real and possible. Sponge can be a good medium to sprout your seeds before replanting them. If you want to create a little vegetation but don't know how to go about it, here is a simple trick you can do with sponge to get you started.

Put a moist sponge on a plate and place the seeds you want to sprout on top, do ensure that you create enough space in between. Create a terrarium by placing a transparent or a glass bowl over it so it can receive some sun light. Do make it receives some sunlight because this is the only way it can sprout.

Reduce Moisture in your fridge

Fruits and vegetables can go bad very quickly when inside a fridge that has moisture. One good way to avoid this is to put a sponge inside. Whenever you load your fridge with fruits and veggies, try putting a sponge close to them. This will help preserve the fruits and make them last long. The reason is because sponge will absorb moisture within the storage bin. And the extra moisture absorbed, the longer the fruit and veggies will last. Try to replace the the sponge from time to time depending on how moist the become.

Make an Ice pack