Crazy Jobs You Wouldn't Believe Exist

Nov 06, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

To be able to feed, pay rents, clothe and defray utilities, one need a source of income. Different people have actually assumed different occupations just to make end meet. Unemployment we could say is the leading cause of chaos and the fulcrum of crime in any society. To have a crime free society and prevent other unemployment inspired mishaps, different nations have actually gone extra miles to make jobs available to it citizens. There are quite a number of jobs around the world you may not have known exist, most of which may look weird to you or rather ludicrous.

How many of these jobs are you quite familiar with?

Armpit Sniffer

It shouldn't come as a surprise that sniffing arm pit is actually a job. Don't you think that for every new product that had been produced, there must be a way of testing it before it hits the market? Most deodorant companies often employ armpit sniffers to do this job. Their only job is to sniff different armpits all day just to make sure that what had been produced is actually doing it job -mask body odor. Workers must have good sense of smell and must be willing to smell someone else's sweaty body. Salaries usually rages from $19,000 - $52,000 a year. 

Chicken Sexer

The job of the chicken sexer is to determine the sex of baby chickens when they hatch to know whether they are male or females so that they can be separated into different chambers. These people actually make good money, according to British poultry council workers salaries are usually around £40,000 ($51,598) a year.

Professional Mourner:

Mourning is an expression of sorrow for someones death an it may actually be something that no one would wish to do. But do you know that there are some people who mourn just to earn a living and they are usually regarded as professionals? In South east Asia, majority believed that a loud funeral can actually make the dead journey with ease to the afterlife so professional mourners are hired to do this job, they cry and weep loudly throughout the service in order to assist the dead. Professional mourners are expected to make around $30 - $120 per funeral according to their experience and how loud they can cry. Funeral usually last at around 2-4hours which actually mean that they can have two different contract per day.

Mattress Jumping

Jump on beds, test their comfort abilities and make some bucks. Most mattress companies often recruit workers to jump up and down each mattress that had been produced before they are up for sale. The aim is to compress the dozens of layers of cotton inside of each mattress and make sure that the bed is free of lumps and other imperfections.However, there is no specific salary data for this occupation but some research claims that workers are often pain on average $10 per hour.

Snake Milker

Snake venom are very important in the field of medicine. They are know to treat several health complications especially high blood pressures. In order to get hold of this important medicine, there must be a way to get it and the only way that seem possible is to extract it from snakes. While there are several people working in banks, hospitals and other offices, there are others who are busy all day milking snakes for their venom.

This seem pretty risky of an occupation i guess? Of course it is very risky. But there are people who don't give a shit about what risks are involve. All they know is that they are earning a living and at the same time saving someones else's life. Although there are no accurate data as to how much they receive as pay check but for someone to dedicate his time to such an occupation, it means there must be a lot of icing in the cake.

Ban-yard Masturbators 

The job of the barnyard masturbator is to masturbate farm animals for their sperm. Of course you heard that right -people make money by jerking animals off so don't be surprise. The sperms are usually collected in readiness for an artificial insemination. There are usually two options for this process. The first is to use a rectal electrifier which sends small shots of electricity up the bottom of the animal to stimulate it from behind. While the other options is to do it the old fashioned way. Although this looks pretty gross of an occupation. But what can we say, there are lots of people who will jump at the offer when they know how much bucks are involve.

Full-time Netflix viewer:

Imagine being paid to watch TV all day! Don't you think this is the best job on earth? Whoever that has this as an occupation is blessed already. Netflix actually hired workers to watch all of their content before it is available to the public. Their role is to watch different movies and place them in their categories in order to help viewers identify different types of movies. 

Professional sleeper:

Most hotels these days hire professional sleepers to test comfort of their bed. A hotel in Finland had once done that. The hotel hired a member of staff as a ‘professional sleeper’ to test how comfortable their mattress was. The individual slept in different bed each night and writes review about her satisfaction with each one.

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