Always Keep a Box of Baking Powder Near Your Washing Machine -Here is Why

Nov 06, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Baking powder comes in quite handy for a whole lot of process. It is one of the best ingredient in our kitchen. From being a condiment for cooking to down to being an agent of cleaning, baking powder comes with tons of benefits we really need to explore. However, we have actually discussed a lot about baking soda on this website. But we still need to know more about it because it application is some worth endless.

It removes Odor

Baking sodas are good at removing nasty smell from clothes. It is something you should always include in you washing regimen. You may have observed that sometime even after washing your clothes sparkling neat, they still retain some of the odors contained in them when they were still dirty. The reason is because soaps and detergents don't have as much enzyme contained in baking powder so they are totally unreliable when it comes to eradicating musky odors. 

It removes stains

Using baking powder in combination with bleach is always a perfect match when removing stains from clothes, they both work together effectively. For every amount of bleach, use equal amount of baking powder to complement. To do this fill your washing machine with water and the clothes you would like to wash then introduce baking soda and then the bleach. Make sure the powder goes in first before the bleach the reason is because the powder will dissolve the stain so the the bleach can clear them off easily.

It can Soften Fabric 

Baking powder is the best fabric softener option for those who have sensitive skin. The reason is because it is a natural product that has no harmful chemical. Most fabric softeners are formulated with chemicals that might irritate the skin not only that but they can also make clothes fade easily. Make sure the baking powder comes into the washing machine after the soap/detergent has done their work probably during the rinsing cycle.

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