Things You Should Start Teaching Your Kids Before They Are Five Years

Children can be very helpless, completely dependent on their parent and elderly ones for virtually everything. As they grow, it can be very tempting to continue satisfying their every whim. But this pattern can actually lead to a parenting style that can do more harm than good. If your kid is probably five years and above, below are things he/she should start taking responsibilities for without your assistance.

Waking up in the morning

If you are still waking your little boy/girl up for school and she is five, then it may be time to stop doing that. Instead of waking little Mirabel up for school, put an alarm clock in her room and let the alarm do it job.

Packing their own lunch

You can prepare breakfast and make it available for them but let it be their duty to pack their own lunch for school. All you need do is make food available in your pantry. Its up to them to pack up whatever they feel is good for lunch. Don't bother if they packs the same thing day after day because it actually mean that they are learning independent, organization and responsibility.

Take Responsibility for Clothes

Bring out the appropriate clothes and let them do the selecting by themselves. By so doing they are learning the ability to building their own choice and taste of things. Also make sure your kids dressed themselves alone. However, they may need help with buttons and zippers, but this motor skill will improve with time. They should be able to separate dirty clothes from clean ones and also be able to fold their own clothes when dry.

Take responsibility for carelessness

Whatever they've misplaced try not to search for them or rather make them do the searching themselves and if all efforts seem futile then you may come in to help.

Care for Toys

They should be able to keep their toys safe whenever they are done playing with it. They should also learn that they are responsible for any items taken out of the house.

Eat Responsibly

Kids can create a big mess with food. Your kid should be able to eat without messing the entire place up. Make sure they are responsible for whichever mess they've created after meals.

Helping with kitchen duties

After spending time with you in the kitchen, your child should have enough skill to help with some little chores e.g washing fresh produce, preparing some ingredients, and doing soft dishes.

Clean the house