Why Do Most Men Share Pregnancy Symptoms With Their Partner?

Just like the way an expectant mother would experience quite a bit of symptoms associated with pregnancy, so also expectant fathers on the other hand are as well more likely to feel the same. However, It may look absurd or awkward to hear that men do feel symptoms of pregnancy too - but to be honest with you, it sounds really awkward but the real fact is that it is very possible. This is a condition called the couvade syndrome or sympathetic pregnancy.

Most men are deeply involved in their wives pregnancy, they are always around them trying to attend to her every single need and sharing from her pains. A lot of studies have shown that men who have deep emotional involvement and empathy toward their pregnant partner, are more prone to couvade syndrome and they are more likely to end up with strong attachments to their child.

If you have actually wondered who is pregnant between you and your wife, then you may just be a victim of this condition - of which to some men, it looks adorable!

Symptoms associated with this includes;

. Nausea,

. Anxiety

. Mood swing

. Change in sexual appetite

. Weight gain

. Aches and pains

However, doctors and researchers have actually noticed this phenomenon for quite some time now, but the fact is that science at the moment doesn’t really understands it. As regards why it is happening is still a puzzle for many researchers yet to be resolved. 

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