Meet the Only Black People in the World With Blonde Hairs -Melanesians

Aug 27, 2019 By Kayode Oseh 5.6K

Blonde hairs are one of the major characteristics of the Caucasians race. It is a characteristics that looks quite impossible for the black race to posses, but in some ways, the Melanesians have somehow defied this principle of nature, making them the only black race on earth to have blonde hairs.

Melanesians are the indigenous inhabitants of Melanesia, a sub-region of Oceania that extend from New Guinea to as far as the islands of Vanuatu and Fiji. The region includes the four independent countries of Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Fiji, and Solomon Islands. The original inhabitants of Melanesia were said to be ancestors of the present-day Papuan people of new Guinea.

The occurrence of this hair has something to do with their DNA, probably an allele of TYRP1 gene which is unique to these people. Studies have shown that these genes are quite different from that of the Caucasians. The blondness is more common in children than in adults, and it tends to fade away when they mature.

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