Very Weird And Funny Schools Around the World You Need to See

Aug 08, 2019 Kayode Oseh

Registering a child in school is the first touch stone of preparing the child for the outside world. He or she tend to start learning few things that will serve as a guide to facing the challenges that life has to offer in the nearest future. 

A normal modern school would have it students come to class with bags, pencils, books and other accessories for the learning process. But however, there are some schools around the world that do not follow this normal conventional ways of learning, they have decided to take their own route as a means of impacting knowledge. And also most of these schools go extra mile to make sure that education is the number one priority of a child even if the situations around the learning system are not so rosy and promising. 

Boat School of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a very poor country that usually face a lot of crisis including climate changes. The climatic changes bring about over-flooding, making it difficult for residents to fulfill basic needs such as learning. This have actually made affected communities to device an innovative route in order to tackle their setbacks. In a crazy but fascinating kind of way, they have transform boats into schools, libraries and other training centers just to encourage education despite all odds. 

Witch School in Massachusetts

Most people have had the ambition of practicing witch craft after watching the Harry Porter movie. The Witch School is a school located in Salem, Massachusetts, it was founded by rev. Ed Hubbard. The school generally offers courses online but few opt to learn physically in the college. The school teaches the essentials of witchcraft and their belief system. The school website opened in 2004 since then more than 200,000 have enrolled in their classes. Despite the heavy criticism from orthodox Christians, the school is still running successfully, where the students enroll in tier courses from across the world.

School of the Future, Philadelphia

This is a school where future pioneers in the field of technology will soon be graduating from. It was established in 2006. Microsoft-school of the future accommodates students from diverse backgrounds, the majority of which come from low-income families. Students mainly use laptops in the school while books are prohibited. 

Trabajo Ya, Spain:

This school is quite popular in teaching the art of prostitution to young men and women professionally since it is a legal practice in Spain. Their syllabus includes the history of prostitution, introduction to sex toys and kama sutra positions, along with the business tactics to deal with the clients. Their training sessions are for a week and they provide a theory with practical classes.

Snake charming school, India:

A school which teaches children about snake charming since the age of two. This school is specifically followed by nomadic tribes known as Vadi from Gujarat. By the time children turns twelve years old, they have learned everything about snake charming and are ready to take up the work professionally as snake charmers. The boys are taught how to charm the snake with the flute, while girls are taught to take care of the snakes. The current chief of the school is Babanath Mithunath Madari who ensures that the children in their community learn about snake charming.

Elf school:

It is located among the scenic beauty of Iceland and mainly teaches about the Icelandic folklore on elves and hidden people who are invisible to the normal human beings. Since the inception of this school in 1990 more than 9000 people have enrolled in the school mostly foreigners. The school provides certification on the Elf education which can be acquired within a day. They also do research on popular Icelandic folklore and the headmaster of the school Magnus Skarpheoinsson has written various books on this subject.

Husband hunting school, Japan:

The school began in 2010 with the idea to encourage women to find the right life partner. Many women in Japan are single in their 20s and 30s, previously due to parents involvement marriages were easier but with the rising demand for the perfect partner and higher expectations, women are not able to find the suitable match. The school teaches women to set the priorities right and how to connect with the husband and their family. The average age of women attending the classes are of 30’s.

Santa Claus school of Michigan USA

If you want to be a Santa Claus (father Christmas ) this is the best school for you. It teaches student all the ethics of being a Santa and everything they need to know about being Father Christmas. 

River Plate, Argentina:

It is a stadium school located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The school is situated in the prime soccer stadium. The children here do not study or pay attention to the subjects taught in the classroom, all they do is to watch footballers play football on the pitch so that they can learn in other to become future stars for the nation.

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