Foods You Should Not Put In The Fridge

Foods are very necessary to refrigerate because in improves the shelf life and keep micro organisms from infesting them. But however, there are some foods that do not thrive very well in cold environment so it will be better if such foods are kept far away from the fridge because the coldness might affect the quality of the food.   

Water Melon  

Water melons and other type of melon are better stored in a room temperature rather than keeping them in the fridge, this is because when stored at room temperature the antioxidants properties will sill be kept intact. The only time you should keep such food in the fridge is when you have cut them already.  


Potatoes are better stored in a cool dry place rather than refrigerating. When stored in the fridge, the starch molecules can be broken down, making the potatoes have loosed particles or rather making them look gritty.   


Room temperature is the best temperature for storing honey. Too much coldness could make the honey crystallize making it look lumpy. When storing your honey aside refrigerating, make sure it is tightly sealed.  


Potatoes are better stored in a place where air can get to them. Storing them in the fridge, can alter their flavor and taste. 


Avoid refrigerating onions because it makes them look too soft and mushy. But however, avoid them from direct sunlight so they would not get dried up. Keeping them in a place where fresh and dry air can get to them is the best way of storing onion. But however it is good to refrigerate onion some few minutes or hours before cutting them because it prevents them from reacting with our eyes. 


Well ventilated container or a cool dry place is a good way of preserving garlic because it makes the scent and flavor intact.

Hot Sauce

Hot sauce is better stored in a cool dry place when well sealed because storing in the fridge can alter the hotness and the spicy nature of the sauce.


Cold temperature make bread look old and strong, it does not make it look fresh any more. It is better to store bread at room temperature that is where the freshness can be preserved that is if the bread have good preservatives.   


Keeping avocados in the fridge can slow down the ripening process. The only time you can refrigerate them is when they are becoming too ripe so that they can still survive for some few more days. 

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