Tips on How to Sleep Comfortably On a Plane

Jul 22, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

We are still looking forward to the time where planes will be as spacious and comfortable like the ships. We always hear this phrase in a plane after boarding "Sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight" but how many of us are actually sitting back, relaxing and enjoying our flights? It is true that there are no much available spaces for passengers to relax better, but however, there are ways passengers could really stay comfortable and can even sleep soundly while on the plane.

Whether you’re traveling for business purposes or tourism, These few simple tips below will actually serve you better ways you can relax when boarding a flight.

Choose an Evening Flight.

Pick a flight that travels at night because trying to get a sleep during the day might alter your body circadian rhythm system (Internal body clock). So picking a time when you are suppose to be in bed, to travel might actually make you sleep easily and better.  

Pick Your Seat Carefully.

Try to pick a seat that is close to the window because it gives you more space to relax your head. not only that, it can also prevents disturbance from people in your row, people that often use the bathroom a lot or other who goes in and out for some reasons unknown to you. This could be very annoying and can interrupt your sleep so choosing a seat close to the window is a nice option. 

Consider Upgrading your ticket.

First class tickets are not as expensive as many would think. You will be surprise that the difference between a first class ticket and others is just some few naira or dollars. We all know that first class passenger are given some slight priorities so trying to buy one of those tickets or upgrading your tickets to sit is a more appealing location is another good option for you to enjoy your flight.

Come with Sleeping Cloths.

I am not saying you should come with your pajamas but wearing cloths that can make you look comfortable as if you were in bed can be another good thing, wearing leggings, soft sweater and pullovers could be a better option that can make you fall asleep easily.    

Fasten your seat belt.

Fasten your seat belt over your blanket or sweatshirt is a good way of avoiding disturbance. I guess you would not like any air official to come wake you up halfway in your sleep to fasten your seat belt.

Sip on Water.

The low humidity inside airplanes can lead to dehydration, which may interfere with your sleep. Have some water before boarding, and keep a bottle in the seat pocket in front of you so you can sip when thirsty but do not over drink so that you don't have to go always.

Skip the Alcohol.

You wouldn't let frequent pee interrupt your sleep would you? Avoiding excess alcohol is the best way to prevent you being on the go always. 

Bring your own Supplies.

You can carry along some of your own supplies like neck pillow, eye mask, earplugs, blanket and any other thing that will make sleep easy to crawl up into your eyes.  

I hope you find this article interesting and helpful? 

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