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3D Foods Are Beginning To Change The World

Jun 13, 2019 By Kayode Oseh 4K

As time goes on it is becoming clear that most of us are going to loose our jobs to our machines counterparts due to the rapid growth of technology. It’s not all misery, though. It’s just another part of the rapid technological progress of the last few decades, which has also helped us in many areas of life. However, we assume that some jobs will always be strictly human endeavors as machines would never be able to do them.

Cooking is definitely one of those jobs as there’s no way that a machine would have an idea of the right ingredients and proportions to make food taste good. However, machines have proven themselves worthy that they can do it as well as we can and maybe even better.

According to Natural Machines, a 3-D food printing company, we already have the technology required to 3-D print food items like burgers and pizzas. Foodini, as their machine is called, is capable of taking ingredients and turning them into dishes that taste as good as those made by us. The best part is that the company is now focusing on health food and fresh ingredients.

Many other firms are now developing machines that give you the option to 3-D print food items at home.  

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