Annoying Sounds We Encounter Everyday

Jul 10, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Most sounds are very soothing and pleasant to the ears most especially the ones from cool musics. They can permeate our soul and revive the spirit, relieving us from unpleasant emotions, stress, depression and other negative energies, thus, they make us feel good. However, there are several annoying sounds we encounter on a daily basis and these sounds are so unpleasant that they can stir up the anger in us and can make our reactions out of control.     

The Sound From Mosquitoes

Have you ever been tormented by mosquitoes at night? How does it feels?  Most of us still wonder how mosquitoes are able to locate our ears even when light is off. The Hummmm ! sound they make is so annoying that it can make you want to load your double barrel to shoot at anything at sight - that sound is so annoying. 

However, researchs have shown that we shouldn't be surprise how mosquitoes are able to locate our ears at night or our face in general. Mosquitoes are animals that are attracted to carbon ii oxide, since this is the gas we breath out during expiration, it can attracting mosquitoes to come closer to our face since they love the gas so much.     

The Sound From Crunchy Foods

No matter how hard we try to jam our teeth slowly with crunchy foods like potato chips and pop corn, all our efforts tends to be futile - the sound just can't help it but to escape into the wind. Most people enjoy this sound because they say "that is where the joy is", however, you will love it anyway that is if you were the one eating it, but not the other person sitting close to you.

No body would ever love to sit close to someone whose mouth is producing an unpleasant noise from foods like this, it may even lead to fighting in the aftermath. Most of us may have seen situations like that i guess.  

Sound From Loud Chewers

This is one of the leading cause of fights between friends. The sounds of eating crunchy foods may be understandable but this very one you can hardly tolerate. Some people are so used to chewing loud that they even forget how offensive it can be to others, even they themselves cannot tolerate that assuming they were the one listening to it.   

Horn Of Vehicles

This should be a signal to deter any thing that could lead to casualties away from the way of a moving vehicle. But however, some drivers misuse this function, most of them tend to use it where not necessary, just to instill unnecessary fear on people- I guess those from Africa would understand.      

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