Do I Need To Clean My Vagina or Can It Clean Itself?

Jul 09, 2019 By Kayode Oseh

Vagina discharge usually appear to most women as unhealthy abnormal and dirty, but most women don't actually realize that they are receiving blessing and protection while this is happening. 

According to research around half of all women use “panty liners” to absorb discharge with up to 30% using them on a daily basis, while other women use deodorants because they felt the vagina should be totally free from any form of odor. Well, we don't have to blame them that much, it just that they don't know exactly the real advantage of what's happening to them.

Vagina is a self cleaning organ, the discharge from it brings an important advantage in keeping the vagina healthy. The vagina environment is a very convenient environment where some group of bacteria  "Lactobacillus" dwell. These bacteria are normal flora that pose no treats- they produce lactic acid which makes the vagina environment acidic and this acidity protects against sexually transmitted infections and the growth of other harmful micro organisms. 

Healthy vaginal discharge is made up of fluid from the vaginal walls, mucus from the cervix as well as the lactobacilli, however, if there are any variations in the amount of discharge through out the month, it should be taken as normal, since the vagina environment is influenced by hormones.

Not only does the discharge provides protection against infections but also it helps with natural lubrication of the vagina which is a good way of preparing for sexual activities. 

So it is not advisable to adopt douching or any other cleansing methods in order to keep the vagina clean because these things may influence the vagina negatively and compromise the health benefits of these bacteria and make one susceptible to infections.

However, while a vaginal discharge is certainly normal, if you experience a significant change in the volume, colour or odour of discharge which may be giving you concern, you should kindly seek the attention of a medical adviser as soon as possible.

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